USMC Sgt Gary Stein attacks America!

Folks there has to be a real conversation about active duty members that openly question and worse incite others to go after our strong military heritage of loyalty and professionalism in the NCO Corps.    Here is a post for a rouge Marine one his facebook page, note: this is after he has been seeking media attention non-stop for his open challenge to the very system and professional NCO corps of following orders we all respect.  This is from his page tonight (20 March 2012):

Craig Buttler Well, Gary good to hear more marines are taking a stand against Hitler 2.0. and now he signed that new unconstitutional EO this Friday behind our backs. We need more military to tell Obama to go somewhere.. Good for you marines. Take a stand against Hitler 2.0.

Really Gary Stein, we now are openly allowing and encouraging others to call the President “Hitler” under some fake guise of free speech on your facebook page…that’s how this works?  We start a fire then stand back and say “ya, but I did not pour the gas on the flames”?  That’s how this works Gary?

Your little BS media show and attention getting tour is hurting the Tea Party and show that a 26 year old E5 is not in a position to be called a leader of anything.  You allow these God Awful posts on your page, you make open comments about the orders you will pick and choose you’ll follow and you question the very system of a professional military that we have all served under all for personal attention and fame.

You got you 15 minutes Gary, you questioned the very system so many WWII vets served under and you have openly blasted a five year POW and fellow member of our fraternity (Sen McCain) with your little stunts and “pay attention to me antics”.  It’s time you issue an open letter to all that serve and have served saying you respect our NCO, SNCO and Officer corps and stop this open defiance of our great Armed Forces.

Hitler 2.0 Gary Stein…thats your claim to fame and you need to start acting like an NCO and stop allowing this non-sense to continue so you can get some media attention.

There is only one armed forces tea party and it’s at www.armedforcesteaparty.com