Fall in line Tea Party

It’s time for the Tea Party to cut the BS and get behind Mitt Romney!  It’s time for the self serving, self proclaimed leaders Tea Party leaders to get with the program!  I’ve been with our movement since day ONE!  I’m fed up with the Mitt bashing and self serving money making, PAC promoting Tea Party want-a-be’s to stop serving self and start serving America!

This is the time that every Tea Party leaders cuts the far right wing crap and and get behind Mitt and realize that he has a plan, he cares and he is serious about America and most of all…he can and will win in November if we get on board!  I’ve seen and read about far too many Tea Party leaders looking for ways to get personal gain (gary stein the USMC Sgt that has decided to not obey orders comes to mind) vs. getting with the agenda of economic freedom that Mitt Romney is talking about and more and more GOP voters are getting behind.

My Friends in the Tea Party, reject the self promoting self proclaimed leaders and lets get on to winning in 2012 and getting OUT White House back.  Lets get to the discussion of the massive failures of Obama and stop the nonsense that money making and attention seeking tea party leaders are pushing.

Tea Party leader; get with the program of the tea party and America and lets look at winning the Senate and White house in 2012.  Lets get back to being conservatives that care about the economy and not about speaking engagements and press releases.  Lets muster the power of our fantastic movement and base and win this race and stop giving Obama, Bill Maher, Ed Schultz and the other wing nuts free ammo!

We are about winning and economic freedom and responsibility not the blame game that Obama is all about.  We are about a better America and Mitt Romney is our guy…now lets get on with getting our country back and ending the radical far right crap, the personal gain crap, and the self promotion nonsense that has given the left far too much ammo.

I’m calling on all Tea Party leaders as the founder and chief of the www.armedforcesteaparty.com to start winning back OUR America!