Gary Stein and his armed forces tea party facebook page

A Marine Sgt has made news of late under the name of the armed forces tea party with his open call to pick and choose what orders he feels are legal or moral that he will follow and worse what the stated position of his armed forces tea party page says they will support.  I want to be clear as the leader of the armed forces tea party that at no point do we get to become “free agents” in the military like Gary Stein is now and decide what moral orders he will follow.  We have a great system it works and even as conservatives we don’t get to claim or encourage active duty members can pick and choose the commander and chief or the orders they will follow!

I served under Reagan, Clinton, Bush I and Bush II.  At no point did I, or would I ever say I’m not following orders from Clinton because of some personal moral clause I feel fits my agenda or need for attention.  In short I followed, and more so I RESPECTED the system of our incredible and professional military and civilian checks and balances we have in place.

Sgt Gary Stein has posted more then once he won’t follow orders he feels are illegal or immoral on his facebook page and as recently as today on his page in the name of the armed forces tea party said the same again.  Well sorry Gary but it just don’t work like that and all the proud and professional NCO’s that came before you deserve better for the hard work they put in.

In short this is a very bold and open challenge to the oath we take and the very foundation of the professional NCO’s SNCO’s and Officers corps that serve in the military and the legal system (UCMJ) that protects each member.  Members are not “free agents” in an all volunteer force.  they have a choice and that is to get out and not use passive aggressive postings to encourage others to not obey orders under the guise of free speech.

In short there is one www.armedforcesteaparty.com and we don’t act in a way that brings negative attention to the military or decide on a one-on-one basis what orders are “moral”.  We serve and we defend America and we do it within the bounds of a very proven system under the civilan leaders, liberal or conservative that are in charge.  In short the “REAL” Tea Party knows the system works and we have elections that count and we work through that process for the change we want.

As I said, I served under four Presidents and never once went rouge or free agent becuase I had issues with a mission, a political position or a person.  I respected the American people and the vote they cast for the commander and chief they wanted at the time…thats how this works Sgt. Stein!

This is my opinion as the leader of the armed forces tea party, Victor Luebker.




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