Armed Forces Tea Party Disavowes Gary Steins Comments

There has been a rash of PR stunt related comments from a facebook page owner,( USMC, Sgt Gary Stein) using the Armed Forces Tea Party good name www.armedforcesteaparty.com .  These comments are from one person calling on the AFTP to “draw a line in the sand” and not obey orders from the chain of command.  Later that was corrected when it went public in the media to “unlawful orders”.  However the drum beat continues with more like posts today (19 March) on the facebook page saying this:

We swore an oath to defend the CONSTITUTION against ALL enemies Foreign and Domestic. We did not take an oath to obey unlawful, immoral, or unconstitutional orders from the President, other politicians, or the officers and senior enlisted within our chain of command. AFTP has drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders.”

We take serious issue with these comments as no member of an all volunteer forces gets to decide in the heat of battle that an order they are given is “immoral”!  This also could hold true for the very, VERY subjective personal view of what is unconstitutional or unlawful.  This is a giant PR stunt in our opinion and is not reflective of the Armed Forces Tea Party or our members and followers.  This is a blanket statement by one person that is now reflecting on all that serve or have served and it needs to be corrected.  If not the USMC has a serious issue on it’s hands long term as this grows.

It must be stressed given all the very negative attention this is getting that we in the www.armedforcesteaparty.com do not and will not tell members of our military to start picking and choosing the orders they want to follow based on personal feelings about what is Moral, Legal or Constitutional.  If a member can no longer serve in good faith they need to let their chain of command know and then “Un-Volunteer” from our great military.

We have the best legal system (The UCMJ), the most respected officer corps, the best trained NCO and SNCO corps and this stunt by USMC Sgt, Gary Stein is a smack in the face to that entire system of checks and balances and calls into question for no reason the integrity of the entire military.  He is in essence saying he’ll decide what works for him when it comes to following orders and worse he is openly planting seeds in the hearts and minds of others on his facebook page that this reckless action is acceptable behavior from those that serve.

Until anyone can show that the best military in the history of the world is now making it’s members do immoral, unlawful, and unconstitutional actions this is nothing short of a slap in the face to all that serve and have served and it needs to stop as it is reflecting poorly on all of us that strapped on our boots from WWII through today.

Can you imagine a private saying he would not land at Normandy because he felt the order to attack was “immoral”?  What a disgrace to those proud WWII veterans that someone is now doing just that.

Note: Only this site is the official page of the Armed Forces Tea Party www.armedforcesteaparty.com  and we do not and will not ever call for an open challenge to military orders as the facebook page has or as Sgt. Stein has.  We hope he sees the great harm his PR stunt is causing to all that are now serving downrange and he will retract all this mess.

It is the opinion of this writer victor luebker that these comments are a gaint PR stunt and not reflective of all the honorable members that serve today and reflective of just one person.  More at www.victorluebker.com


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