Armed Forces Tea Party call on Newt to drop out now!

Newt won’t drop out of the nomination process and it’s clear this is an ego, pride, and personal thing with Mitt.  In the process he is using bad math to justify an even worse choice and here is why.  Newt wants us to belive a brokered convention may lead to a better candidate (Him).  Even thou he is behind in delegates almost 4 to 1 he maintains this is the best thing for all; here is the problem.

The voters, those being the people in each state voting for Mitt above the others and giving him that large delegate and popular vote lead are going through the process right now.  Newts plan and bad math are a smack in the face to everyone that has voted and all that will vote with this nonesense he keeps pushing.    In short the delegates and votes that have been counted Newt wants to void out for is own agenda because he does not think all of you that voted or will vote are smart enough to decide the best candidate for the GOP; it’s an Omaba type mindset in fact.  How is that fair to everyone thats voted so far and what does this say to all those that will vote if Newt can just void out all the votes at the convention?

Newt needs to stop playing front runner from the rear and stop acting like he is the real choice here for voters that just don’t know any better.  The fact is a brokered convention is a train wreck in the making and Newt is being a selfish ans self serving career politico at this point with his stubborness.  Newt, just take your crayons and go home, take a week off then get behind Mitt and start helping all of us beat Obama in 2012!   www.armedforcesteaparty.com

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