Armed Forces Tea Party endorses Mitt Romney

March 07, 2012 -Indialantic, FL – The Armed Forces Tea Party endorses Mitt Romney for president!

The Armed forces tea Party, www.armedforcesteaparty.com  is proud to endorse Mitt Romney for President.  Our rational is as follows.

We think we have reached the point that the Tea Party endorse Mitt Romney and start the process of teaming to build a better America.

Up to now the TP has had various factions tearing into Mitt and it needs to stop as we have serious work to do over the next seven months.  I think the TP has to recognize that we are not the candidate and that we are one of many groups in the country that have some conservative leanings and can work together to get the White House back in 2012.

Up to now the various TP leaders have tried to make us more relevant as a group at the expense of Mitt.  In short they built an internal demon that is clearly drawing the support of enough of the GOP base that he will get the nomination and to be blunt we have a large moderate wing of the GOP that does not drink all things TEA.  We have to respect and embrace this crowd if we are to grow and like any business, diversity, vision, and flexibility are key to long term success.  To date the TP has been very rigid and that does not bode well for us if the thinkers and planners don’t get hold of the movement and start influencing our future….All this starts with endorsing Mitt.

So, we are endorsing Mitt and calling on the TP to do the same and start the process of healing and idea sharing that has to happen with camp Mitt for us to win in 2012.  Its clear Mitt has enough of our ideas to be a great candidate and further it’s clear he is a huge upgrade to the uber progressive left that is now running our country.

The goal for us in the TP has to be to work with Mitt and “team” to have him openly embraces a couple core principles of ours and we openly embrace him as the GOP nominee.  At the end of the day we need 50.1% of the country in our combined camp to win and the TP does not make up 50.1% of the electorate.  Endorsing Mitt is a game changer as the media and the left would freak out knowing that we in the TP get the big picture and can adapt and work with candidates vs. this monolithic mindset that has gripped our movement and makes us think we are the only horse in the race or only vote that counts.

Four more years of an unchecked Obama may set us back as a country 25 years.  Time to see the big picture here and at AFTP we do.


Victor Luebker is the founder of the AFTP website and its chairman, more on Vic here:  www.victorluebker.com

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