Every election cycle in the past has always had some sort of an October Surprise. Kind of a GOTCHA! from each political party. (Consider it sort of an early Halloween trick, if you will). Some memorable;some,not so much. This week,thus far I would speculate that the Obama camp’s October Gotcha! was the announcement that Colin Powell would be honoring the Soci-Democratic party with his support on November 4th.

Where’s the surprise in that?

Big deal, anyone with a left eye could scant make that prediction.

But now, let’s take a stroll to the other side of the aisle, and have a peek over their Right shoulder. Could it be that McCain has kept his dignity and character in tact without the harsh mudslinging because all along he’s known that after THIS OCTOBER SURPRISE it will be so scathing and so scandalous that just the mere audacity of its truth will create a McCain landslide??One in which he didn’t have to become sullied nor tainted for even prompting it? Perhaps.

But, let’s dig a little deeper into the speculative surprise, shall we?

Something I wrote about in here regarding his sudden flight to Hawaii brought instant chastising, but I must elaborate on it again because, for me something DOES NOT ADD UP.

I find it very odd and perplexing that Obamas grandmother sustained her injury a few weeks ago, and now all of a sudden, at the most CRUCIAL time of his campaign, the last 2 weeks, he takes off for Hawaii to have a check on his beloved granny? I mean if the dear woman isn’t critically ill or worse yet dying, and is stable why is it now that he takes off to see her?

Ill yes. But there’s more here than what meet’s the eye.

Since last Thursday,I have read and reviewed some papers and articles online from overseas,that a claim Obamas citizenship and birth place are highly suspicious.. countless questions abound. But the one that resonates with me is this: Hillary and Bill sure have been very quiet lately, lightly supporting Obama here and there. Perfunctory at best.Why? Here’s my theory.Because if the McCain October Bombshell turns out to be that Obama is NOT a US born citizen, thus making him ineligible for president, then the democrats, after MUCH CHAOS AND PANDEMONIUM will, with ‘guidance’ from their ‘ leaders’ demand that Hillary be their fill in candidate.And the Great One is legally out!! Right? Then those individuals that mailed their ballots and those that already caste their votes earlier CANNOT, by law, change their ballot vote, que pasa? So, then, because of all of the voter FRAUD from the left in the 17 states to date, and ACORN scandal surley it will be a landslide for McCain, right?

THAT is the challenge that Senator Biden is already privy too and that is the quagmire problem he’s urging us to cooperate with.

HERE’S MY Q : Is this delightful dilemma (tragic at best when we see the grueling months and even years of relentless congressional testifying regarding VETTING ) a trick or a treat?

and who DARE shall utter that the Republicans stole THIS election?


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