Over the past 40 plus years we have heard and been taught the speech, “I Have

A Dream” by the Rev. Martin Luther King. And with that knowledge, we also

have learned that he was a minister, a husband and the father of four. With

that evidence, we also must assume he held the virtues and morals of a man who, by

his own life’s choices must have believed in marriage and children as well

right? Ok, so think about the following…since Rev. King was a man of obvious

convictions and probably preached from his pulpit on what is sacred and

moral i.e. marriage between a man and a woman and the sanctity of life

(and no we truly can’t know what his opinion would be today since each of

those issues weren’t societal concerns during his lifetime, but I believe it

would be safe to say his opinions would align with his actions)and knowing

that he implored mankind to judge each other by the ‘content of our hearts

and not by the color of our skin..” whom do you believe he would vote for


Barack Obama who has displayed evident behavior as a radical extremist intent

on destroying the life of a child, the ideals of a normal marriage and black?

Or a man who stands on protecting the life of a new born-child, who promotes

pro- heterosexual marriage and white??