CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN.. and Fellow Floridian..first let me commend you on a post well done!! I thank you for your sound logic,evenhandedness and common sense. Now , please allow me to voice a different ‘Pebble in my sandal’ moment.. Can you please tell me why it is that I am getting that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach again? It seemingly arrives right on schedule every 4th year in November.My Point?: I AM already DISGUSTED AND DESPONDENT about the upcoming and eventual ‘Florida Voting Phenomenon’ fallout.

Remember the sullying our Beautiful state fell victim to? And the awful,undeserved battering and abuse she(we)took? The inevitable RINGSIDE MALIGNING we Red Floridians took?

Sadly,I feel another mauling coming on. Pass the Pink bottle ,please.

Also, If you and I (along with thousands of other Red State Florida Natives and Voters..)voted honestly , how is it that we keep ending up in the corner after 8 rounds with a bloody lip and 2 black eyes?(oops can I say black?)

I AM 44 YEARS OLD AND HAVE NEVER VOTED for a demoncrap !! WHERE DO ‘THEY’ COME FROM? Why are they here?

For crying out loud, I mean I drive a red car and sleep only on the right side of my marriage bed!! But..I digress.

So here’s my take: Its got to be the frikin Cranky Yankees. That’s the only logical explanation. They come down to our Glorious state,buy a plot and proceed to register to vote here (I know for certain it happens,as my husband has an Aunt who hails from mASSachusetts and scurries to Boynton Beach every 6 months) Then-returns BACK to their Northern Hellholes register there and VOTE IN BOTH states.. That’s the only logical explanation. Right, Dave? I mean there just can’t be that many blue transplant idiots in our Beloved state. Right?

Read on. As this REALLY happened 8 years ago.. I reside in the Military buckle of the state. Northwest Florida Panhandle: Proud Home to 6 military bases.Countless military members and spouses,(myself included). Where, in 2000 Governor Jeb Bush called our local 1370 AM talk radio host Luke McCoy and declared, “Luke if my brother is to win the presidency, it will come from the voters of Northwest Florida” Well, Mission accomplished- You’re welcome America !!! So here’s my point: That this time if and WHEN we win this election for the Nation I would like a simple THANK YOU .That’s all. No law suits, no hanging chad investigators, no supposedly disgruntled or disenfranchised voters’!!! Yep, just a simple thank you will do.

Instead, I sense the arrival of the inevitable bitchin’ and moanin’ of the whiney, visceral,vengeful,liberal left wing nuts that takes place following the days, weeks and even years after the voting cycle has ended.

So , please just convey it along with your brilliant perspectives to those whiners to simply just say thank you to the great Red State Voters of Florida!!

And as I dismount my soapbox, I thank you for your consideration Brother Dave. Keep up the good work!

Wishing you continued bRIGHT sunshine and conservative warmth. . Signed, The Red Rebel