13 Year Old Learns That U.S. Flag is Offensive to Many

Apparently the election we just had, as well as previous embarrassing attempts by other school districts in the name of political correctness, has not changed the thinking of school teachers and administrators. Instead of berating this kid about flying the U.S. flag on the back of his bike and ordering him to remove it, they should be lecturing those complaining students about what that flag represents to veterans who have sacrificed to defend our country and the corresponding rights and freedoms that they enjoy.

I would love to know if this school has a U.S. flag anywhere on display in the school, as do most schools around the country. If they don’t, then shame on them. If they do, then let’s call them the hypocrits that they are. They can display a flag on school grounds but the boy cannot. One might also ask why those same students haven’t complained about the school flag.

This polite and friendly boy is a fine example of bringing out the best in our youth today. Those complainers and cowering administrators are examples of what is wrong in our country today.