Massachusetts Has Gone to the Dogs

That is, they’ve gone to the dogs for their latest tax/fee increase proposal:


Not content with an increase in the state sales tax in August from 5% to 6.25%, these bozos now want a $3 surcharge on municipal license fees for your little pooch.  A democrat state rep claims that the additional fees are needed to pay for the cost of the rising number of strays.  Those who take good care of their dogs will now have to pay the cost for those who don’t.  Maybe the initiative petition that was passed last November  


outlawing greyhound racing in the state after this year, is contributing to the stray problem through the abandonment of these dogs by owners who would otherwise need to move to another state that has such racing. 

I wonder if these reps have any clue as to the number of dog owners there are in the state?  Picking on their fidos in a “man bites dog” story can come back to “bite” them next year at the polls.

I guess they will call this surtax a fee on “undocumented doggies”.