The California crazies

After over two decades in Los Angeles, Creators Syndicate has had enough.  Retroactive tax increases, interest and penalties were just too much to bear:


The City of Los Angeles business income tax is one of the harshest and oppressive in the country.  The tax is on gross revenue, not profits, so you can lose money for the year and still pay the tax. Typical Hollywood accounting.  But Hollywood types, like writers and other creative people, get enormous exemptions.  They are the “beautiful people”, though.

Since the state’s tax proposals were turned down by the California voters last month, the bureaucrats have stepped up their tyrannical approach to obtaining new sources of revenue with agencies such as the Department of Corporations and the Housing and Building Departments reopening old, previously settled claims, and demanding back monies and damages.

I wonder if the Obama people are taking notes on all of this for application on a national level?

Lastly, it would be nice to know how much the founder, Rick Newcombe, has contributed to the Democrats over those two decades and voted for the people who put California in its current situation.