California Democrats find (they think) a novel way to increase state revenues

They still don’t get it out on the left coast.  Even after a state referendum that told legislators (and the governator) that the people wanted spending cuts, not tax increases, these jokers must be on a death wish.  As Jane Wells of CNBC reports today,


an 18 cent gas tax is being repealed and changed to a user fee, while other new taxes are being placed on tobacco and oil production.  They are calling this “tax neutral” while it really increases revenues because of the “flim-flam” going on here, which many are calling unconstitutional.

Being a legislator in California may be hazardous to your wealth, since the California Citizens Compensation Commission voted today to cut legislators’ fringe benefits by 18%, to go along with the 18% cut in pay they had previously voted upon, both to take effect on December 1.

All those years of unrestricted illegal immigration and out of control environmental policies, and their consequent economic impact, are finally taking their toll, and the chickens are coming home to roost.