Don't buy into the {JEWS} {Closed and Translated} {One Retraction / apology}

{Please be assured that I do not consider every Libertarian to be of this ilk, or even most. But really, ladies and gentlemen: you need to keep your anti-Semitic freaks on a shorter leash. – Moe “Zionist Lackey” Lane}

{And, yes, this has been cleared with the Site Directors. – M “ZL” L}

Fellow {Non-Jews},

There is a reason that the {JEW-lovers} are not energized this year. The {JEW-lovers} candidate does not represent {Non-Jews} values. Dr. {I retract the allegation of anti-Semitic beliefs made here wrt Dr. Ron Paul, and apologize for it as being uncalled-for. – Moe Lane} movement excited a generation of young activists who sought to be part of the {Non-Jews} party, but we were shut out.

True believers in the constitution, and in {non-JEWS} values are welcome in the new {Anti-JEWS!} Party.

It should come as no surprise that the youth reject the {JEWS} ideology of perpetual war. It’s the same reason that even Barry Goldwater lost by a landslide. Candidates can not win a nomination and be pro-war. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Also there is a dirty little secret that the {JEWS} hope you don’t find out. They are really {JEWS! JEWS! JEWS!} who have infiltrated the {Non-Jews} movement to undermine our country. Don’t believe me? Look at {JEW! LOOK AT THE NAME! JEW!}…

{JEW! LOOK AT THE NAME! JEW!} (born January 10, 1939) is an American “{Non-Jew}” writer and activist. The son of two life-long members of the {JEWish Commie} Party and once a prominent supporter of {JEWish Communism} as well as a member of the {Newer JEW Communism} in the 1960s, {JEW! LOOK AT THE NAME! JEW!} later renounced his “left-wing political radicalism” and became a prominent advocate for right-wing radicalism. -from Wikipedia

Think about it. If the {JEWish Commies} wanted to undermine capitalism in the United States and institute socialism then would infiltrate the ranks of the capitalists. We have been infiltrated friends, and the communists have taken over the {JEW-lovers} Party. The {JEWS} heritage lies in the philosophy of Leo Strauss, who believed that the masses were too weak to know the “truth.” That the people were not strong enough to know the truth.

The {Anti-JEWS} philosophy is one of true {JEW-lovers… only without the JEWS!}. All major decisions regarding your body and your life should be in the states. Why should an all powerful federal government that doesn’t know you, and doesn’t care about you, decide what you do with your life.

The {anti-JEW} philosophy is direct from the school of {old guy that we’ve never found to have said anything nice about JEWS}. We are hard at work studying the Austrian cycle of economics. We believe in a strong dollar, and an open governmental process that encourages all citizens to participate. We believe that an educated population is the best national defense there is.

At this moment the Chinese economy grows by leaps and bounds as ours stagnates. Consumer spending is unsustainable. We must go back to work and begin producing again. I believe that if we work hard, that capitalism will solve our problems, and we can again see “Made in America” on products shipped all over the world.

The philosophy of the {JEWS} is dead. Don’t go down with their sinking ship. Join us to create a stronger Right. A {Anti-JEW}-{JEW-lovers} America. The future is ours if we work together. Or, we can let the socialists win. We can let Obama destroy the Republic.

Ludwig Von Mises describes in “Planned Chaos” how {Famous JEW} said the path to socialism is: “Let the Capitalist societies build up the infrastructure, then through incrementalism slowly convert it to socialism.”

It’s happening now.

Work with us to roll back the state. Don’t fiddle while the {Zionist Occupied Government} burns.

Yours in {hating the JEWS!},

Austin PetersenVolunteer Coordinator{Anti-JEWS} National [email protected]{a-JEWS!!!!!}.org