How To Improve Your Chances Of Landing A High Level Federal Job

In these days of economic uncertainty, many people are looking at employment with the Federal government. And why not? It has job security, great benefits and low productivity demands. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost. The pay is usually less than a private sector position. That is why you should not settle for a job as a low level flunky. Not you! No, you need to apply for a high level position. Particularly one that offers the opportunity to cash in with the private sector as a lobbyist after a few years. How do you land that type of job you ask? Let me tell you.

In these days of hope and change, it is important to stand out. No longer do you need to attend the right schools and have experience. To be discovered you need one more essential ingredient. Tax avoidance. That’s right. All the benefits of a high-paying Federal job can be yours if you “overlook” paying your taxes for several years. By noting this on your resume’ you set yourself apart and make it easier for the Obama administration to pick you out from the crowd. So stop paying your taxes. You will not only save money, you may advance your career!

Cross posted at The Opinionator