What The Hell Is It With Rich Democrats Not Paying Their Taxes?

Via Hot Air,The New York Times is reporting that Caroline Kennedy withdrew her name from consideration for the vacant New York Senate seat due to tax issues involving household help. Add this to the Geithner tax issues and I am struck by how many rich democrats do not pay their taxes. Perhaps the reason they are so eager to raise taxes on the rich, particularly Republicans, is that they assume everyone else is also cheating on their taxes.

It reminds me of all the rich liberals that lecture us on how the rich need to pay their fair share. And that evil rich conservatives need to stop fighting tax increases and be “patriotic”. Same thing with death taxes. We are told how we should pay a big chunk of our estate to the government when we die. Yet rich liberals are using trusts and other mechanisms to shield their estates from the death tax. Do you really think a Kennedy or Rockefeller is paying 45-55% to the government when they die? Of course not. They do not even pay their nanny taxes!

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