Brokered Convention: Rationale and Strategy

First step is to justify the idea of a brokered convention. This is an idea that is within the rules. It is not something that is under-handed. It is the age old way we used to select nominees. Abe Lincoln wasn’t so bad and he was selected through a contentious convention. Second, I will explore why this race demands a brokered convention. Third I will look at ways to make it happen.

Okay, so is a brokered convention bogus? It is somehow not a valid part of the process? No. This is easy. The conventions only became coronations in the very recent past of electoral politics. And interestingly, the Republican Party did not write the rules in the 70’s to make a brokered convention impossible. The rules make it less likely, but not impossible. So there are circumstances when a brokered convention is allowed. To suggest this would anger voters and make them feel like they don’t matter, I say BAH! How do voters feel when a nominee is selected by the time three states vote in a primary? When candidates they like are bounced after Iowa and New Hampshire and no one else gets a chance to voice their opinion? A convention is more democratic than that because all states send delegates to defend their interests. So don’t tell me a convention that actually selects the nominee is somehow invalid. Barry Goldwater as nominated by a conservative movement manuvering in a convention.

Next, do we need a brokered convention this year? Yes! Mitt Romney is not a conservative. His defining characteristic is his ambition wh