O'Keefe and Giles vs ACORN and the MSM, Day 2

So it seems that one of the Washington, DC offices of ACORN was not one of the offices where “this film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed.” This morning on BigGovernment.com O’Keefe sprung his next surprise on ACORN. Having successfully gotten advice on how to start an international child prostitution ring from the Baltimore office, they move to DC and upped the ante. This time James said he was planning to use Hannah’s “profits” to run for Congress. Once again, the ACORN employees didn’t bat an eye that he was asking for help getting a mortgage to establish his brothel. In fact, I’d say the ACORN employees in DC upped the outrage because unlike their partners in DC, they insisted that James tell them that she was a prostitute before proceeding to explain how to circumvent laws. The ease with which they explain that Hannah turning tricks “just a business” suggests to me that they do this so frequently they have lost any sense of right or wrong, the only thing they care about is figuring out how to ‘stick it to man.’

Meanwhile ACORN has fired the two people from Baltimore, because they “did not meet ACORN’s standards of professionalism.” So Beck’s supposition on his program yesterday was correct. “They’ll definitely fire these two women,” he said as he dramatically crumpled a piece of paper and threw it away. But the context in which he said it is even more important:

Let me make one thing clear: This is not about these two women at ACORN. If the media does what they did to Van Jones, the real message will be lost. It’s not about these women — not even ACORN.

It’s about the power behind ACORN. The power of Wade Rathke. He and his brother run, out of New Orleans, ACORN and SEIU. Those two organizations are in the inner circle of the president of the United States.

They’ll shut ACORN down if they have to. They’ll definitely fire these two women. But this is a shell game: Rathke will just keep doing the same thing under something else.

This is about who the president surrounds himself with.

from ACORN Corruption Caught on Tape

I can feel corruption fatigue starting to set in already, but there’s more. Last night on Beck’s show Hannah started to tell her part of the story. Yesterday most of the focus was on James, and by some postings it sounded like it was his idea. But while they are full partners in the project, she was the one with the ridiculous idea that started it. Armed only with the idea, she called James, and as he immediately recognized its genius, he jumped on it. Today she expanded on it, once again on BigGovernment.com. Please check out her story as well. She wants to be a journalist (her words, not mine; I’d be more inclined to call what she wants to do reporting, or possibly muckraking, but then I rank journalists as a regression past the most primitive form of life) and if she can produce something like this so early in her career, we should all try to see that she is a successful one. I think her best lines are:

We connected with these people on a level they were comfortable with. We came off as troubled, torn, innovative and devoted individuals who couldn’t skirt the system unless the system helped us along our journey.

Our presence screamed, as James puts it, “unique situation.” And so when we sought council in regards to tax evasion, obtaining a house for use as an underage brothel, the avoidance of an abusive pimp, and establishing illegitimate congressional campaign funds, they were ready and unfazed by the direction our conversation took.

James and I saw the ACORN Housing location in Baltimore as a target–the den of a giant corrupt lion. We wanted to get a reaction and gauge the corruption. We came armed with the things necessary to cause a reaction; we came equipped with the things necessary to capture the reaction.

Meanwhile the MSM (or State Controlled Media as Rush likes to call them) used this as their leads across the board right? Nope, cue the crickets instead. At 3:42 PM today I ran a Google search that reported 59 hits for “ACORN prostitution” out of the big three only ABC had a story, and it’s not clear they ran anything on tv. Note their closing paragraph:

We’ve learned the pair tried to pull off the same undercover act at ACORN offices in LA, New York and Philadelphia but were turned away. Merchant-Jones admits it looks bad for Baltimore, so employees will work harder to enforce their own policies. As for the taping, it is illegal in Maryland to record someone’s voice without his or her permission so acorn may be pursing legal action.

Way to stand up for the People’s Right Need to Know, eh?

Meanwhile over at CNN, they did their best job to cover for The Big 0’s water carriers. They trotted out the ever handy adverb “allegedly” to modify their description of statements that are clearly made on the audio, then follow it up by prominently quoting an ACORN official:

Sonja Merchant-Jones, chair of Baltimore City ACORN, told CNN affiliate WMAR-TV that the fired workers were seasonal, part-time employees and that no senior ACORN staff members were in the building at the time the film was made.

You know, the “What me worry?” shtick might work in Mad Magazine but it is a poor response for a non-profit corporation slated to get 7-9 billion dollars from the government, and which is suppose to be playing a major roll in collecting data for the next census. There should be some serious cross-examination of the people offering such a lame excuse.

But CNN wasn’t quite finished yet. It seems that after their lame coverage, they decided to ask James to appear for one of their shows. Needless to say, he was not amused, and like me does not tolerate fools gladly. He has posted his response at BigGovernment.com and Rush read it on his broadcast this afternoon (heard in the car as I was on my way back from getting supplies for tomorrow’s 9/12 March). In it, he thew down the gauntlet, although I expect we will again hear only crickets in response:

Now that ACORN lied to you, Jonathan Klein, what are you going to do?

Maybe Democrat Presidents should stop lying to the American people. It seems to be setting a universally bad precedent.

Update 9/11/2009 10:30 pm Shortly after Beck’s program was over, Fox News announced that the Census Bureau has sent official letters to ACORN national headquarters and the appropriate Congressional committees stating that ACORN will not be involved in any 2010 census activities.


Yes, after yesterday my outrage is again finding words that while not fully adequate, at least begin to convey its full fury.

H/T Moe, who posted before me today.