Dede Scozzafava Should Withdraw

Republicans could use to hold New York’s 23rd Congressional District. As it stands, because of poor choices along the way, the Democrat is in the lead.

We know now, confirmed by multiple sources inside and outside the various campaigns, that Dede Scozzafava has fallen into third place. Her recent behavior indicates a candidate who has lost control of the message, the campaign, and any chance of winning.

The Republican National Committee had given multiple indications to the media and bloggers that it would be staying out of this race. As soon as it was duly reported, the RNC jumped in. This is a little noted fact that should be better highlighted. Frankly, the NRCC’s determination to get in and make a go of it was a more honest and credible effort than that of the RNC — still stupid, but more honest.

The NRCC has just now started spending on ads for NY-23. Our understanding is that the ads will mostly focus on attacking the Democrat. The NRCC would be wise to go that course instead of spending a dime on Dede Scozzafava.

That leads us to Scozzafava. With just over a week to go before the election, we strongly believe Dede Scozzafava should withdraw from the race and throw her support to Doug Hoffman. It is objective fact that Scozzafava is in third place in the race. It is objective fact that she has the bulk of the Republican Party, despite the help of official organs of the party, and the totality of the Democratic Party aligned against her.

She was always a terrible choice. In the end, she has become liar, filing a false police report because a journalist dared ask a question she did not like and then using leftwing media in an attempt to smear the journalist. This campaign is a national embarrassment for the Republican Party.

Dede Scozzafava should withdraw from this race and offer her support to Doug Hoffman. LIkewise, should the RNC and NRCC continue spending funds on this race, the money should be spent against the Democrat and not for Scozzafava or against Hoffman.