RedState Endorses Roy Blunt for Missouri

Roy Blunt has worked his way into the top ranks of Republican leadership in Congress. He has been trusted by Republican Presidents for many years with candid advice. He is relied on even now by Republicans in Congress as they struggle to keep the team together in opposition to the siren calls of compromise with the Democrats.

More critically, Congressman Blunt is now seeking to become the next United States Senator from Missouri. As we fight to take back Congress, we need men like Roy Blunt on our side. Winning the open senate race in Missouri is necessary should we want to take back the Senate and, at a minimum, prevent the Democrats from having a filibuster proof Senate.

Today RedState is pleased to endorse Congressman Roy Blunt for the United States Senate.

RedState has an interesting relationship with Congressman Roy Blunt (R-MO). There are many times we find ourselves on opposite sides of issues, generally fiscal and earmarks related. There are many other times we find ourselves standing shoulder to shoulder with Congressman Blunt — supporting our soldiers, defending life, and opposing President Obama’s ridiculous healthcare scheme.

Roy Blunt is a good friend of this site. We have passionate disagreements on issues, but our friendship is unwavering. We can agree to disagree on issues because we know that in the grand scheme of things, we are with each other in the fight for freedom. We hope that as Congressman Blunt speaks with the voters of Missouri, he realizes the importance of ongoing work to reduce the size and influence of the federal bureaucracy. The Senate needs more reformers; Congressman Blunt can only benefit if he decides to be one of them.

In the particular race at hand, the contrast between Congressman Blunt and his opponent, Robin Carnahan, could not be more striking. Congressman Blunt opposes the Democrats’ cap-and-trade plan. Ms. Carnahan supports it. Congressman Blunt opposes the Democrats’ healthcare plans. Ms. Carnahan supports those plans. Conversely, Congressman Blunt supports regulator reforms that will allow people greater access at lower price to private health insurance. Ms. Carnahan opposes that. Congressman Blunt supports a strong military. Ms. Carnahan opposes that. Congressman Blunt supports letting every person decide their destiny. Ms. Carnahan believes the government should play a critical role in how you live your life.

Please join us in supporting our friend Congressman Roy Blunt as the next United States Senator from Missouri. Winning Missouri must be a priority for us in 2010 and with your help Roy Blunt will win.