Jeff Frederick Must Go

“Frederick … has done what no one thought possible — he has driven the Republican Party of Virginia further off the road.”

There is an election in Virginia this year for Governor. For the past eight years, the Governor’s Mansion has been in Democratic hands and the state has drifted left.

This year, the Republican Party of Virginia is united around a gubernatorial candidate, Bob McDonnell, while the Democrats are engaging in fratricide. The GOP stands both a chance to redeem itself in the legislature and recapture the Governor’s Mansion just in time for 2010’s redistricting battles.

The GOP will be successful, but not if Jeff Frederick, the Republican Party of Virginia’s Chairman, has his way. Frederick, an overly ambitious “me first” politician, who wooed conservatives with such smaltzy stunts as proposing to his wife at a super secret Council for National Policy meeting, has done what no one thought possible — he has driven the Republican Party of Virginia further off the road.  This is, mind you, the same Jeff Frederick who blew up the GOP’s chance to make a deal taking control of the legislature by Twittering about it before the deal was done.  His talent for bad press doesn’t end there.

He claims he is giving up his seat in the legislature to better focus on building the GOP up in Virginia, but is leading an effort to draft his wife to take his spot. Likewise, and more to the point, he has launched a series of automated phone calls to Republicans in Virginia attacking the only Republican running for Governor — Bob McDonnell.

We have a copy of the call, which you can listen to here. In the call, a Frederick supporter blasts both Bob McDonnell and his own First Vice Chairman, Mike Thomas, for launching a coup against him. Frederick calls them “elites,” when in fact Frederick has placed himself into a personally elite status of running the Jeff Frederick Party of Virginia, putting his own ambitions ahead of every one else in the party. We should note that, unsurprisingly, Frederick denies any knowledge of the call. In other news, the James River Bridge is for sale.

The RVP was long misled. Frederick sucked up to all the right people to put himself in place to fix the party. Instead, he has bungled elections, mismanaged the internal party structure, and sought to place himself ahead of everyone else in the party, including the party’s own nominee for Governor of Virginia.

It is not the elites who want Jeff Frederick gone. It is the Republicans who are tired of losing due to RVP incompetence made worse by his tenure as Chairman.