Honoring Mark Kilmer

After the sad news of Mark Kilmer’s untimely passing reached Redstate on Thursday, we started to think of how we as a community would honor his memory. Two ideas were the American Cancer Society and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. After some deliberation and consultation with Mark’s widow, we decided to celebrate how Mark lived and solicit donations to the Reagan Foundation.

We know times are tough and there’s not a lot of money floating around. If you’re not able to contribute financially, please say a prayer for our friend this evening as his memorial service takes place at 6:00 EST. And if you’re able, please consider chipping in. Even five dollars would be a meaningful gesture that would create a link between Mark and the good work the Foundation is doing to further Reagan’s legacy. Now, more than ever, we need the clarity of vision, seriousness of purpose and conviction in the greatness of America that were the hallmarks of the man Mark so admired. Mark has joined President Reagan in that “shining city upon a hill,” but we still have our work to do in their memory.

Please click on the below button and fill out the information. At the bottom of the form, click “In memory of” and click CONTINUE to go to page two. On the next page you can fill in “Mark Kilmer” on the “IN HONOR OF OR IN MEMORY OF” section. Under “NOTIFICATION TO” please type in “Redstate” under “First Name,” and use the email address [email protected].

Notification of the gifts will be shared with Mark’s widow.

Thank you all.