In Support of Israel


Two days ago, Israel launched a massive counter-offensive against the Hamas terrorist stronghold in Gaza. Apparently learning from the failed strategy of the Lebanon war against Hezbollah in the summer of 2006, the Israelis are not depending on the rationality of their enemy. Instead of assuming that Hamas would want to protect Palestinian civilians and avoid unnecessary casualties, the Israelis are, rightly, assuming the opposite this time. They understand that Hamas, like Hezbollah, is using innocent civilians as a cover to allow them to continue to rain rockets into Israel without fear of retaliation. And if that cover must be blown in order to stop this deadly hail of terror, then sobeit. That is the choice of Hamas.

The Israeli offensive has touched off the standard outrage. Violent riots, ostensibly in support of the terrorists, convulse the capitals of Europe. The Secretary General of the United Nations calls for an immediate ceasefire. An Israeli flag has been burned in Jordan’s parliament. Here in the US, the usual suspects cry out against Israel’s “crimes” and decare solidarity with the Palestinian victims.

We declare no such solidarity with the murdrous terrorists who have provoked this conflict. As a group we declare our support for our tiny friend and ally of Israel, that embattled bastion of democracy and prosperity in the Middle East. While we mourn the deaths of those civilians who were turned into targets by their own puported leaders, we hope this action will result in a new understanding by the Palestinians that terror is not a viable road to independence. Now that Hamas has provoked this war, we pray that the Israelis have the fortitude to root their evil out of Gaza once and for all, and that in the aftermath, with Hamas gone, real progress towards peace can be made.