Answers Wanted From All Parties Running for RNC Chairman

We at RedState have ten items on which we would like your responses. We will print your responses to all ten items on the front page of RedState in the order in which they are received.

The ten items are:

  1. Please state your qualifications for the job and why those qualifications make you the best choice.

  2. Please explain how you see the role of RNC Chairman.

  3. Please outline how you see the role of RNC Chairman in terms of structuring the Republican message and platform.

  4. Please outline your goals for internal reform and/or restructuring of the RNC.

  5. Please explain your vision for expanding the GOP’s use of technology in the future and, in light of that, explain your preferred structure for the online apparatus of the RNC.

  6. Please explain what steps and resources you would use to rebuild, reform, or otherwise repair state Republican parties that need restoration and/or strengthening.

  7. Please explain what criteria you would use to vet and recruit winnable candidates.

  8. Please explain how you would recruit effective candidates for the 2010 United States Senate races and how you would help those candidates.

  9. Please explain why the Republican Party should remain a pro-life party.

  10. Please explain what benchmarks you think would be fair to measure an RNC Chairman to determine if that Chairman has succeeded or failed in his task.

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