Special Thanks

There are always a number of problems with the launch of a site like RedState onto a new platform. There are the load issues that you can only really experience when you experience them. There are the caching issues. There are the compatibility issues. Then there are the user interface issues where some people cough Gamecock cough 😉 get used to the site functioning one way and then have to get used to something new. We conservatives have more people like that than the other side because we aren’t too big on change.

But we’re here. Behind the scenes there are some issues we’re going to have to work on. Overall, however, the site is working. The feedback on the new interface has been tremendously positive. The general sense is that this platform is much easier to use. That’s what we hoped for.

Getting us to this point has not been easy. First, thanks to those of you who contributed to the effort.

Second, we want to thank our own Neil Stevens and Eagle Publishing’s Robert Melton and Henry Rivera. There are few indispensable people on this planet. But for us, these three gentlemen are indispensable and integral to us getting to this point.

Starting tomorrow, we’re going to kick things into high gear. We’ll have some posts from notable conservatives, a special 3.0 launch podcast with a great friend of RedState, and through out the week a lot of front page guest posters. Along the way, a select few of you will also discover you have access to RedHot.

Now, let us repeat one thing on here. We know there are some who just cannot get excited about the 2008 Presidential election. We intend to fight and win this election for the GOP. But if you find yourself having a hard time with that race, focus on your community, your state, your congressman, or a congressman of your choice. Use the Get Local option. Turn to the politics of your community and state. Aim, fight, and win. Politics ain’t beanbag, but it’s not all presidential politics all the time either.

At RedState, we continue to fight on and hope you’ll stick with us for the fight ahead.