Chuck DeVore for Senate

In September, the Chuck DeVore campaign had a goal of raising $50,000 dollars online. Last night, that goal was met. Adding in offline donations, Chuck DeVore is averaging $100,000 raised every month in recent months, and has already outraised every California Republican candidate for Senate in the last decade.

The Chuck DeVore phenomenon is tapping into the grassroots energy that Republicans will need to cripple Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats in 2010. He is a fighter who is right on the issues and is raising money. Chuck is California’s best hope to harry the menace to liberty and common sense that is Senator Barbara Boxer. It is for that reason that we, the undersigned, individual RedState.com editors, do endorse Chuck DeVore to be the Republican nominee to unseat Senator Boxer.

RedState takes a wide range of conservative and Republican views, but one issue we make demands on is life. Chuck DeVore stands alone among the five major Republican candidates for California statewide office this year in that he has a proven record of being pro-life, with clear pro-life ratings for his legislative tenure. In the Senate we need all the pro-life help we can get, especially given that the Senate is Ground Zero for Supreme Court nominations.

On taxes and spending DeVore can be counted on as well, having been a reliable vote against the raising of both in the California Assembly, despite enormous pressure brought to bear on the conservative minority by the radical Democrat majority, the “post-partisan” Governor, and the ever-socialist press. He already knows what it is like not to get invited to the cool kids’ cocktail parties, and will not break down on us in Washington.

More than just a conservative voice, though, Chuck is an active campaigner offline as well as on the Internet, having twenty times the Twitter followers of Carly Fiorina. He is termed out of his Assembly seat, and so having nowhere to go but up, began his campaign for Senate shortly after the 2008 election. Recent polls suggest he is our best bet as well, such as Rasmussen’s which shows him running ahead of Carly Fiorina against the incumbent, down 9 to Fiorina’s 10.

The plain fact is, even Carly Fiorina’s backers at the NRSC think she would lose. This race does not present the hypothetical choice of picking the grass roots choice to lose, or picking the establishment choice to win. Both will likely lose if Boxer makes no mistakes, but only one will fire up the activists, raise the most money (as Fiorina will not tap her own wealth for a run), help candidates down ticket, and make Barbara Boxer work the hardest.

That choice is Chuck DeVore, and we endorse him for Senate.

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