Short-Circuit D.C. Redistribute the Power.

(The 910 Society is located in Texas.)  As we learn more and more about what Washington D.C. has in store for us, I’m more convinced than ever that the time is fast approaching for Texans to begin the process of reclaiming, in full measure, the state sovereignty rights guaranteed us by the U.S. Constitution, as described in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. 

The federal government has so over-reached outside its constitutional constraints that we now have bureaucrats from poorly-run states banning together to pass laws that require Texans to pay for mortgages and union pensions, salaries, and benefits in far away states.  This is predatory taxation…go to where the money and wealth is and take it.  Where is the constitutional authority that allows the federal government to virtually bail out and take over private corporations from banks to insurance companies to auto companies?  It doesn’t exist.  James Madison, the “father of the Constitution” wrote, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.  Those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite.” 

Now we can engage in conversations about Texas lawmakers voting for legislation that does not pass constitutional muster, and we can even engage in discussions on the Interstate Commerce Clause, but this would be a questionable defense, at best.  The bottom line is that an unconstitutional law is an unconstitutional law, and just because we’ve been weak in the past on guaranteeing constitutional governance, doesn’t mean we have to continue on as such.

Most will say that corrupt Washington needs to be “fixed”.  Well, that’s never going to happen for many reasons which are too lengthy to discuss here.  But suffice it to say that sending “good” people to D.C. hasn’t been effective for decades and decades, so why continue with that hopeless strategy?   So what is the answer?

The answer lies right here in Texas…with each and every one of us.  As a free people, it is our duty and obligation to elect state representatives, from the Governor and Attorney General, down to City Council, who are going to protect us from an over-reaching, over-zealous federal government.  It is the sworn duty and obligation of each state official to insure that Texans are guaranteed life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.  If the feds pass unconstitutional laws, it is the responsibility of a free people to ignore those unjust laws as each state sees fit.  Some will say that this would diminish the clout of federal senators and congressmen.  That’s correct, and exactly the goal we want to achieve.  We need to re-locate federal authority back within its constitutionally-designated constraints.  We want to cut the working hours of our federal officials down to a part-time status.  Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The true theory of our Constitution is surely the wisest and best, that the states are independent as to everything within themselves, and united as to everything respecting foreign nations.  Let the [federal] government be reduced to foreign concerns only…”.

Let me be clear.  If Texans choose to manufacture guns or large vehicles in Texas, we have every right to do so with MINIMAL (i.e., constitutional) interference from the feds.  If we choose to reject expensive, rationed socialized medicine, we are constitutionally-authorized to do so.  If the feds refuse to secure our international border…fine..we’ll do it ourselves and refrain from sending tax money to Washington to cover our costs for doing their job.    If the Environmental Protection Agency tries to come into Texas to shut off life-giving waters to farmers and ranchers (as was recently done in California), it is the sworn duty and responsibility of all state elected and appointed officials in Texas to stand at that Texas state line and proclaim, “No, you can’t”.  I cannot understand why Governor Schwarzenegger recently allowed the EPA into his state to literally stop the flow of farm and ranch land irrigation all up and down the Central Valley.  He ought to take his own advice and not be such a “girly man”. 

As Commander in Chief of the State of California, it was his sworn duty to stand up to defend and protect the rights and property of the citizens of his state, not allow the EPA inside state lines to shut off the water, and then summarily tell them to take a long hike off a short pier.  How is it that the federal government can come into a state and deprive thousands and thousands of citizens use of their land, and devastate so many lives?  I’m not interested in hearing about Supreme Court rulings…if there is a Supreme Court ruling that allows this, it’s just plain, flat-out unconstitutional and should be ignored!  The Constitution guarantees that tyrannical courts don’t have the last word….the people do. 

Texans need to “reset” their political mindset.  We must stop thinking as “Democrats” or “Republicans”.  The Republi-Crats need to cut the D.C. umbilical cord.  We have to start thinking as a community that is determined to make our own decisions and run our lives as we see fit here within our own state borders.  It is absolutely essential that Texans look after the best interest of Texans, not the “common good” of the nation.  If each state looks after it’s own best interests, the nation will remain strong; otherwise we have a stiuation developing wherein responsible stares are increasingly propping up states that practice foolish, irresponsible governance.

And if our state elected officials refuse to govern as such, we need to replace them with officials who will.  It’s high time we short-circuit abusive federal actions by simply adopting genuine constitutional state sovereignty governance.  We don’t have to get permission from the feds to do so…we just do it.  Texas, and the nation, needs to adopt a strategy to “Redistribute the Power” from hopelessly corrupt D.C. and spread it geographically out over all 50 states.