Crist's exit strategy.

So the blogosphere is simmering with the rumor that Charlie Crist is going to run as an independent if and when he loses to Marco Rubio in the GOP primary. Unlike Joe Lieberman, the best Dem example of this kind of sore loserness, Crist is not running because of any overriding principle, but rather because of an unbridled lust for power, and the desire to save face.

Well, I’m feeling generous today so I’m going to suggest a great win win solution for Mr. Crist.

Gov. Crist:

Drop out. Now. Drop out of the Senate race, realize you’ve lost it and just run for re-election as governor. The deadline hasn’t past, all indications are that you would win, so just do it. Don’t ruin the party that got you where you are by creating an unwinnable 3 way race which will only serve to elect Kendrick Meeks. You probably won’t win that one anyway. Just take for more years as governor, it’ll be easier to work on that tan in Tallahassee anyway. Marco beat you, now save some face and don’t look like a sore loser by throwing a wrench in the system. You are not going to be the junior senator from Florida no matter what, Just cut your losses now and file the papers for governor.


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