Left or Right, the shoe's on the wrong foot

The left and right, both share a disdain for the individual – and that is very bad for America.  They both lack the understanding that prosperous people and communities come from the individual’s rational self-interest; that the production, trade, private charity, and thriving community- comes from this individualism.  They don’t see that these shared values and the virtues practiced to attain and keep them -is the morality of life- the one we are living.  They both claim and even exhibit some understanding of elements of these truths, but because of their involvement with The Politics Machine, that is, special interests groups, business cronyism, minorities, bipartisanship, compromise, and mysticism, they both lack the ability or will to be truly Objective.  And so, they cannot champion nor defeat policy that clearly upholds or tramples, these fundamental ideals of a productive and prosperous people. 

It is shamefully ironic too that both left and right policy lead to the very problems of race and religion it purports to prevent.  The prevailing  group mentality (that is the effect of The Political Machine), whether from the left or right, leads to forced or bought preference and policy.  This ironically, alienates, fractures, and infuriates people on all sides because it, in turn, pits groups against groups.  And, it completely ignores those not in groups!   Objectivity, on the other hand, excludes anything that doesn’t directly input to present or potential value, so it naturally rules out race, religion, age, sex, health, and wealth as sole means of value judgment.   Objectivism, is like capitalism, where value is assessed on the open market.  Productive individuals trade with productive individuals where mutual value agreement exists.  Individuals, like companies, borrow value where potential value exists and earn and trade value where present value exists.  This objective base creates thriving industry and community– that is absent of bias to ANY group and with full bias to individuals and values only. 

Neither the left nor the right (mostly anyway) can/do embrace this however.  Why?  For one, both parties are elected, re-elected and govern via group thought from The Politics Machine.  This is natural for both parties because, and this is the primary reason, both are collectivists.  (That is the good of others.)  That good, for the left, is simply the Society Organism:  to- anybody having less than you, and from those with more.  ‘Shared Prosperity through Shared Sacrifice’.   For the right – same thing!  But for the right- it just comes in the name of gifts beyond the grave.  And it’s tough for the right too because they are typically a production-minded group and so also are behind capitalism.  Due to this contradiction (and The Political Machine)  – the right’s positions are apologetic and compromised, and so, un-objective, un-productive, and un-supportive of the individual, and thus, American prosperity. 

Neither party will get behind the individual because both see an inherent evil in it that requires regulation and morality mandates.  This is bad from either side, because it’s wrong.  Humans do want to live well: they want to know, want to be free, want to make, want to feel good, and want to be happy.  It’s only when they fail to achieve some or any of these things when some humans decide to check out.  You don’t hear about many of these people, because they still attain the principle of self reliance.  But too many of these humans, of whom you know – the moochers, looters and parasites , whom come from all levels of personal wealth, they become other’s responsibility -for the good of society.  They resign to being  a victim of life.  They feel misery and guilt from that decision and in turn, feed off our guilt–which they see through our misguided actions of “tolerance and policy”.  This allows people to make decisions that destroy themselves, other people, and property – all at our expense.  It is the sanction we give them that makes it possible and it ends up helping no one because it perpetuates weakness.  Strong is as strong does.  Humans aren’t inherently evil, they’re inherently good.   Failure is inevitable, it’s how we’re taught and inspired to act- despite it -that produces a Great Society. 

But, objectivity is only possible when you have no fear of being wrong and instead fully embrace its effect – justice – even when you are the loser.  Non-objective or subjective, means any evidence and all information is filtered through the lens of a belief system.  Objectivity is only possible when you don’t have a belief system to protect.   If you say, “This is impractical”, realize, that being “practical” depends only on what you choose to practice.  So many succumb to the idea of practicality – and to perception as well.  Through the laziness of subjectivity, groups can govern and gain favor and power through the use of “Perception”. “Perception is reality”, the coined term accepted by many a weak mind and used by too many a politician (Left and Right).  Perception, like group-thought, and “belief” systems, only requires that something feels a certain way to you.   If the conditions were right to produce it – it’s valid, so anything goes…and if enough people feel and express the same – it becomes more credible and even – REALITY.   A mountain can be gray and blue to two different human beings, from two extreme vantage points.  That doesn’t mean it actually is either color.  It’s ONLY when the individual fails to discern and differentiate evidence and conditions – that they fail to learn and know.  They supplant: knowing with believing, individual thought with group-thought, liberty with security, self-reliance with unity, and finally, they replace their standards with someone else’s.

As Americans in this country, through a willingness to drop our protectionist sense of intellect, an acknowledgment of the power of KNOWING for oneself, indeed an adoption of an objective mentality with happiness as our goal using reason, purpose, and self-esteem as our means, we are individually empowered in a way that will enable us to elect a leader, with the same values, that will champion a Great America, and one whom is beholden to no group save one – the group of Individuals, in America – because that is what we are and why we are great.

Thomas Dean Hayes, an individual. 5/13/2011 2:02 PM