McCain's Faltering

The faltering that occurred by the McCain campaign was the lack of focus on the top-level philosophical differention between himself and Obama. It would have made so much sense to explain how his life experience led to his philosophy and then briefly how that affects his policy mind-set (and his oppenent’s philosophy/policy.

The focus on policy-only is backwards, easily mired, and too easy to argue —the policy is the effect and the philosophy is the cause. The philosophical grounds is so much more simple and though people generally shy from the word “philosophy”, they would have related to the clearly stated version– one way or another—guaranteed!

Given the information available, it appears the only strong philosophy McCain identifies with is duty to country (for obvious reasons) and, like too many (libs AND repubs), self-sacrifice…instead of trading value. As She stated(Mrs. Rand), sacrifice is the exchange of something you do value for something you don’t. So, it is not a sacrifice to fight and die for your country. You value freedom over slavery. Anyway, the fact that he voted for the bailout bill and announced he’d like to nationalize mortgage industry (and probably car manufacturers), says he is without a strong and consistently actionable philosophy anyway…like most unfortunately.