Call it a Moment of Silence

In recognition of the vegetative state in which the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America presently finds itself. Considering the worldwide ramifications of such a demise, should it come, I’d say four days of mourning is actually a little short…dont’cha think?

Is this really what people think was intended when we ratified the Constitution? Open-air fraud, hundreds of millions of dollars in vote-buying, messianic pronouncements from on high about how we live our daily lives, demonstrable lies told with nary a whiff of conscience and the intentional bankrupting of the public trust? Really?

In retrospect, “audacity” was quite the word choice for Obama’s ghost-written second book, wasn’t it? The audacity of our “leaders” is something stunning to behold. The bold heedlessness of restraints with which the wanna-be despots in charge operate is utterly breathtaking, in my humble opinion. There’s 536 of them, counting the President. There’s 300 million of us. What are we doing?

I know what we’re doing; we’re still respecting the system on our end. We’re assembling, protesting and petitioning our government for a redress of grievances, each of which is a step in the process. The problem is, there seems to be no reciprocal respect on the part of the leadership. I’m not sure the system can survive where one side continues to respect the process while the other side does not. And there can be little argument today that the ‘other side’, in fact, does not.

Everybody knows this, or, at least everybody whose head isn’t lodged squarely in the sand. And I admit that somewhere just shy of half the population of this country is afflicted with that unfortunate condition of head-in-sandness. The question, as always, is what do we do about it.

I am convinced as of this day that the year of our Lord 2010 will be one future historians look back on with the starry-eyed awe of the proverbial kid in a candy store…or, in an updated version of that ‘ol yarn, like a kid who gets an XBox for Christmas.

For now I guess we can only continue to press, continue to contact and continue to rally, but I’m somewhat apprehensive that all of it will be in vain. In the spirit of a new year and a new decade, there is still part of me that believes we can reverse course entirely peacefully and without chaos. But there’s likewise a part of me that sees widespread civil disobedience with far-reaching consequences on the horizon.

My only hope is that the people who still believe in the Exceptionalism of the United States of America as originally conceived are prepared, if that day comes, to do what is necessary.

You have my word…I will be.