Obama's "ugly 20's" handicap is the biggest lie yet.

On a lighter note…

There is no way on this Earth that Obama is playing to a “mid-20’s” handicap.What that means, basically, is that he is consistently hitting three strokes under 100 over a par-72 18 holes, a feat that isn’t accomplished often even for “serious recreational golfers”. As an example, I’ve broken 100 only three times in probably somewhere north of 60 rounds of Golf, and I practice as often as I possibly can. Obama, disturbingly, has played somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 rounds as President. What this idiotic report is saying is that Obama’s peak performance for half of the required rounds is a 92-97.


This might be the biggest lie I’ve heard yet. By all accounts the guy played a handful of times before he became President. Since then, it is clear that he has played an inappropriate amount of times considering the issues with which he has to deal and how badly he’s screwing them up. But I will eat the circuits in my laptop if Obama has broken the century mark more than once. And even if he did break it once, he got lucky that time.

No, that’s not strong enough. I’m willing to wager everything I’ll ever be worth that he hasn’t legitimately come within a half-dozen strokes of 100 yet on an honest scorecard. Golf is an honest gentleman’s game. Obama would no doubt lie on the Golf Course just as easily as he lies to us on a daily basis.

For those of you who don’t know, Golf is by far the hardest game in the world to play well consistently. Not the hardest single thing to do in sport mind you, that honor is still reserved for hitting a major league slider squarely; despite Elizabeth Williamson’s snarky “ugly 20’s” handicap crack, the fact remains that unless Obama is not only playing too much Golf but practicing it as well, there is no way he’s coming anywhere near, let alone under 100 with consistency.

Williamson says that while the President’s handicap is a “matter of national security” according to Axelrod, those who have seen him play say his swing is “robotic”, that he’s hit another player’s ball and that his swing shows he “needs a little bit of work”.

Translation: The President’s Golf game is worse than his foreign policy strategy. Yeh, chew on that for a second.

Trust me on this one. There is simply…no..way. Golfers who read this will know what I’m talking about.

Consider it an open challenge: Obama v. Me over 18 to decide the fate of ObamaCare. Any course, anywhere, anytime.

Whenever you’re ready hotshot.

(this post was edited for language by the author. Many thanks to RedState readers for bringing this to my attention.)