Sarah Doesn't Owe Johnny Mac Jack

There’s an interesting discussion going on right now about the possibility and desirability of Sarah making her way to Arizona next year to campaign for John McCain. It’s all speculation at this point because the challenger hasn’t announced.

I mean…just look at her.

But seriously, is there anything more fun than speculating about what Sarah might do? Not for my money…

The reason it came up is because Rasmussen has McCain and potential challenger J.D. Hayworth in a statistical dead heat at 45-43 Maverick.

Bill Kristol at the Standard thinks Sarah will ride to the rescue in the event McCain is about to fall.

I couldn’t disagree more. I can’t see Sarah Palin sticking it to her base by going back on her word to only back Conservatives. No way. That doesn’t happen.

What’s more though…? I don’t think Sarah owes McCain anything. Listen to me, Sarah Palin would have been where she is now one way or another. Look at her. If it wasn’t Maverick, it would have been someone else.

But more likely than that it would have been Sarah Palin herself. I knew who Sarah Palin was before McCain picked her. In fact, I’m pretty sure I posted something to the effect that I hoped he would pick her during the run-up last year. Can anyone tell me with a straight face that Sarah Palin would never have wound up on the big stage without John McCain?

Ludicrous I tell you. Ludicrous.

Justice McNamara said here a little while ago that “Sarah Palin is going to be President one day. It’s inevitable so accept it and live with it. Its star power…and she has it.” This is true. I think there’s more to it than just star power, but it’s true nonetheless.

But it’s true whether John McCain ever picked her for V.P. Some people are stars. Sarah Palin is one of them. She doesn’t owe John McCain anything anymore except maybe a polite thank you and a nice bottle of scotch for his retirement. All John McCain did was accelerate the inevitable.

Incidentally, I just wanted to highlight one of the funniest lines I’ve ever read in a blog post. Allahpundit:

Remember, Reid and The One are itching to revive amnesty in the Senate next year as part of their grand “piss off every last independent in America” strategy.

I literally almost fell off my chair laughing when I read that. I’m still laughing.

But, if that’s true, and I for one happen to believe it is, it’s just another reason that Sarah has to run, if at all, for the Conservative. This is assuming that Hayworth is not an amnesty guy, of course.

In the end, it’s probably most palatable for everyone if Sarah just declines to get involved with Arizona at all. But there’s no way she campaigns for McCain against a viable Conservative candidate.

She’s too right for that.