Global Military Dominance?

Who needs that?

Surely not us.

One connection that’s not talked about often enough is that between economic superiority and military superiority. They obviously go hand in hand. Your two most prominent examples being how we marshaled our resources in the 40’s to defeat the Socialist Nazis and how we did so again in the 80’s to defeat the Communist Soviets. One involved bloodshed and the other, excluding for this exercise the proxy wars, did not, but the fact remains that both were won as much because free enterprise will always defeat collectivist economies as they were won because free people have more for which to fight.

A devastating consequence of Obama’s systematic deconstruction of our economic engine will inevitably be that our military dominance will suffer:

The new dynamic – in which the U.S. remains a world force, but does not hold the pre-eminent position it attained after World War II – is the result of global financial centers shifting to Asia, said Stephen Daggett, a defense policy and budget specialist for the Congressional Research Service.

“The days of the American Century were really in the last 50 years of the 20th century,” told members of the House Armed Services Committee.

This is bad news. For all of the liberals whining about our military for the last century, nobody can even plausibly contend that we’ve ever had aspirations of expansion and conquest beyond our present borders. We may set up shop in most corners of the globe, but those outposts are and have always been defensive in nature. The trouble arises when the balance of military power shifts to collectivist nations who do have expansionist tendencies. Give those nations an opening and they will take advantage.

Still, military spending as a percentage of the nation’s gross domestic product has remained relatively slight at 1 percent currently, compared with a post-World War II peak of 14 percent during the Korean War, Mr. Donnelly said.

“It seems this administration finds massive amounts of money for bailout and [stimulus spending] but not enough to fund the basic money needed for defensive hardware and personnel,” said Rep. Trent Franks, Arizona Republican.

While information from behind the Silk Curtain is, as usual, notoriously difficult to analyze accurately, China by comparison is and has been spending close to 5% of their GDP on their military. The double edged sword of our own shifting priorities under Democratic rule and China’s economic juggernaut with their clear desire to challenge the U.S. for global dominance does not bode well for stability in the not too distant future.

Like so many other issues, why liberals refuse to learn unmistakable lessons from history is truly baffling. Try as you may, but at the end of the day the only rational conclusion to which one can come is that liberalism is indeed a sickness of the mind whereby all analytic faculties are consumed and neutralized by an overwhelming lust for the power to control man’s destiny.

I don’t think China will make a direct move on us anytime soon. But based on the bluster from other hostile nations over the past 11 months, don’t be surprised if they do. Joe Biden told us that the world will challenge Barack Obama.

In possibly his only prescient moment, Biden was absolutely correct.