"Murdered by Muslim Terrorists"

Can any sane person argue that that is an apt description for every victim of the 9/11 attacks?

No, so we’ll leave it to the insane council members in Kent, Connecticut to do it for us.

Peter Gadiel, whose son James was murdered on 9/11, wants to inscribe those words on a memorial plaque for his son.

Now, I guess insofar as it seems to be a plaque hung by the town hall and not his son’s actual headstone, I don’t really have much of an argument. On the other hand, I would certainly say that Mr. Gadiel has every right to prohibit such a plaque honoring his son if the words are not on it.

I can’t see this resolving in Mr. Gadiel’s favor, but this story is important to highlight the larger problem of Dhimmitude.

For those who don’t know, “dhimmitude” is essentially the relationship of non-Muslim people to Islam under Islamic rule. I and others use it colloquially to describe people who give undue or unreasonable favor to all things Islam. In this case, the idiot councilwoman who is offended by Mr. Gadiel’s insistence that an historical fact be included on his son’s memorial plaque is a “Dhimmi”; she is a person who will bend over backwards so as not to offend Islam, regardless of the facts of the situation.

(For more on Dhimmitude, go here and here)

James Gadiel and nearly 3,000 other people were murdered by Muslim terrorists. That is a fact. James’ Father merely wants that to be part of the historical record as it applies to a memorial to honor his son’s death at the hands of those Muslim terrorists. For no other reason than to appease Muslim terrorists, the council in his hometown would rather not erect the memorial to placate Islam than honor a murdered American in a proper, factual way.

Despicable. And be sure and read about the EU getting ready to make it a crime to oppose Islam in any way. It is Dhimmis like Ruth Epstein who will pave the way for laws like that in the United States.

We wish Mr. Gadiel all the best in his fight.

Stand up or bow down, there is no third option.