The Putin Doctrine

Sounds an awful lot like the Bush Doctrine, don’t it?

I need to find a stronger word than “epic” to describe the depth of fail the Obama Administration has been and is on all matters of foreign policy. I’m going with cataclysmic from now on.

The Obama Administration is a cataclysmic failure on foreign policy matters. Nice.

When did he flush the missile defense program…like two weeks ago?

Since then Iran has told us where we can put our demands and asserted their right to unmitigated nuclear proliferation. Russia has told us, eh, now we ain’t so keen on sanctioning Iran for doing so. They may start drilling 45 miles off the coast of Florida and now they flat out say that the new policy is that they reserve the right to preemptively nuke somebody in “critical national security situations”, whatever the hell that means.

Man oh man, this is definitely the change we’ve been waiting for, suck me sideways.

Given Russia’s actions in the not too distant past, I’m not all that encouraged as to the threshold for what constitutes a “critical national security situation” either. It almost seems like Russia would nuke Ukraine if they threw eggs at their door. That would be a tragedy. Look at the Prime Minister!

Anyway, this is what you get with yip yap diplomacy void of any tangible muscle to back it up. This lesson was learned thousands of years before the birth of Christ but somehow the Obama band of merry idiots failed to learn it in all their ivy league glory.

We very well may see a Soviet march that would have been unthinkable as recently as 1990 thanks to Obama’s new “smart” diplomacy.

I just pray to God that the Kremlin doesn’t have an itchy trigger finger.