Bipartisan Kinds of Guys

They ain’t my flavor, to say the least.

The battle lines on this internal squabble are well known at this point. You have those who firmly believe that only by the GOP consciously shifting its priorities and platform to the left of the political spectrum can we ever win again (see e.g., David Frum, David Brooks, Meghan McCain). Then there are those of us who believe the exact opposite; that only by intentionally and uncompromisingly moving the party back to the Right, where it belongs, can we ever hope to enlighten the blind and steer America back to her roots.

I’ve hammered Peggy Noonan and David Frum on numerous occasions, not so much because of what they believe, but why they believe it. There simply is no evidence whatsoever that tacking left is a winning strategy. There is, on the other hand, ample statistical evidence that doing the opposite does win hearts and minds and elections.

Which leads us to Lindsay Graham. The article says that Graham is willing to vote for a cap and trade bill if the Democrats are willing to open up the nuclear energy market and allow offshore and other drilling to occur. The Examiner notes that this strategy simply won’t work in reality because the Sierra Club and other enviro-nazis will litigate any expansion of nuclear or fossil fuel development out of existence, making the compromise useless.

This is undoubtedly accurate, but it’s more fundamental than that. Republicans like Graham have this whimsical yet incredibly naive view that Democrats will somehow return the favor if he just capitulates a little more on this or that issue. This is complete nonsense and, once again, there is zero evidence for that view. Quite the contrary, Democrats have learned how to draw their own lines in the sand and guard it with a buzzsaw should any Republican attempt to scale it back.

Never mind the utter disaster that looms from cap and trade in terms of lost jobs, astronomical energy prices and a diminished role for the United States in global competition, Graham wants to play the collegial card in the hopes of having his own back scratched in the future.

I got news for you Lindsay, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning.

There is nothing we need to do but learn the Constitution,our history and basic economics well enough to explain them to anybody who asks and unabashedly proclaim their superiority in the hierarchy of political philosophies. There is no equal on Earth.

I felt this sentiment and the power of first principles on 9/12 in Washington. I hope we have the courage to see it through.