Thomas Frank's "mysterious Freedom physics" explained.

As if almost on cue, RedState’s Neil Stevens explains the Law of Politcial Motion to Thomas Frank in the context of the California Public Employee Retirement System (CALPers).

Now, I understand that the disaster looming in California is exactly what kooks like Frank want to happen to the Country at large, so I’m not speaking to him per se. To the extent Frank can’t see that this is exactly what will happen to the Country at large when we institute a gigantic new bureaucracy to administer substandard health care, I have to consider him as a proud member of Category 2; the arrogant elder who has convinced himself of his own infallibility regardless of the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Read the article for the details on how one candidate for CALPers Board of Administration feels about the proper role of bureaucrats.

For our purposes, it is enough to hammer home the fact that once any government program is instituted, there comes with it a correspondingly, and often exponentially worse, grotesque expansion in the size of government because a whole bunch of people have to get hired to administer it.

This means that: 1) there will be many more employees on the federal payroll; 2) that much more inefficiency as a result of there being no profit motive for efficiency and cost-containment; 3) a more fertile environment for ‘waste, fraud and abuse’, and; 4) far less quality in the end product (be it retirement benefits or health care) as a result of its administration having to navigate layers of bureaucratic red tape.

This isn’t physics, it’s the common sense Frank should have learned in grade school or did but forgot about at some point thereafter.

No government program exists in a vacuum. Ronald Reagan once said that “No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. So, governments’ programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.”

This is no less a law of government today than it was when the Gipper said it back in 1964. It’s as ironclad as Newton’s Law of Gravity. If Thomas Frank or anyone else can show me a government program that reduced its size after implementation other than those slowed down by Reagan, I’ll give them a cookie.

‘Freedom Physics’ isn’t mysterious ladies and gentlemen, it is plain as day if one cares to see it. I suppose another unfortunate side effect of the ignorance and arrogance displayed by Liberals is that it literally makes one blind to the truth. They can’t afford to see it because if they did, it would set off a chain reaction that would obliterate their entire worldview.

Many people, especially Liberals, are simply not courageous enough to open their eyes.