My favorite four...

I’ll do something bipartisan since we’re in Crunch Time [tm] right now and
everyone is understandably at their partisan maximum at the moment.

And with that I give you my Favorite Four:

Republican who deserves the most to win Tuesday:  Sharron Angle (NV).  It’s not
easy winning a nomination, facing the Senate Majority Leader, and having a
sizable slice of your party telling you they blew it by nominating you.  Still,
she withstood over a month of negative ads from Harry Reid until she could
gather enough money to fight back, and won her only debate against him.  That
the Reid campaign only agreed to 1 debate especially if they thought she was so
weak will go down as the greatest act of political malpractice this year.

Republican who deserves the most to lose Tuesday:  Meg Whitman (CA).  Spending
over $150 million or so of her own money and winning the nomination in a
Republican year should’ve given her at least a 50/50 shot in an open seat, even
in a state as Democratic as California.  And indeed, it did.  She then
proceeded to squandor it quickly against an old liberal guy like Jerry Brown,
by refusing to take any responsibility for hiring an illegal alien and then
engaging in selective outrage when the Brown campaign called her a whore, but
then claiming it was an “entirely different story” when her own campaign
manager, Former Gov. Pete Wilson had used that term in the past.  Don’t get me
wrong – I want Whitman to win, but she deserves it the least.

Democrat who deserves the most to win Tuesday:  Rep. Steny Hoyer (MD).  Sure,
he lives in a safe House district, but part of why it’s always safe is because
Hoyer, who votes a typically liberal line, isn’t blindly partisan.  He’s also
had to deal with playing #2 to Nancy Pelosi after losing a Leadership race to
him and assuming the Dems lose control next year and the remaining Caucus
doesn’t decide to completely clean house in their Leadership, he should be the
#1 House Democrat.  And unlike Pelosi, he has shown a willingness to at least
listen to Republicans.  For that reason alone, I actually kinda fear the guy,
because he strikes me as the most personally likeable Democrat in a leadership
role today.  Could be rather formidable if he ever had the Speaker’s Gavel.

Democrat who deserves the most to lose Tuesday:  Rep. Alan Greyson (FL).  He
represents the worst of what political debate in America is today.  While he
does give voice to the liberal blogosphere, I’m still not convinced they are
mainstream enough to deserve even a single House seat.  Fortunately, after
Tuesday, they won’t have one.  I have no problems with the Far Left wanting a
“fighter” in Congress.  They already have Barbara Boxer for that.  (Of course,
she might lose, too.)  At least Boxer hasn’t resorted to calling Republicans
murderers, storming into GOP meetings and berating them, and referring to a GOP
lobbyist as a “K Street whore”.  I’m glad he’s showing every sign of being a
“one-and-done”, but I fear we’ll continue to see the likes of candidates like
him again.  And that’s not a pleasant prospect for either party.