Support Attorney General Holder in kicking off new racial status discussion

While I may agree with those who say he’s baiting us, I think we need to engage Attorney General Eric Holder on this and not let this pass. This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone -THIS- high up on the political food chain use words this strong before.

My view on how conservatives should approach this:

1. Offer strong initial public support for Holder on these comments. Intrepret them as a good faith effort to initiate public dialogue on racial issues.  Follow me on this one.

2. Since Holder has kicked off the conversation by applying the label “cowards” to certain segments of America (I presume primarily white Americans), ask him who the “bullies” are? After all, if there are “cowards”, something or some group must be intimidating them. Who are the “bullies”?

3. When Holder refuses to respond, answer the question for him. Without going into a Keith Olbermann-esque rant, one could state the issue like this: “Excuse me, sir, but did it ever occur to you that there are large racially-based groups in this nation, including the NAACP, which seem to exist primarily for the purpose of blunting any difficult racial discussions? Have you ever noticed that certain groups seem to exist, indeed THRIVE, off of being offended by any comment that may lead America down a tough, but necessary, path of discussion? Have you not witnessed, sir, entire careers destroyed by anyone who publicly challenges certain racial concepts in this country? Do you not think it’d be useful, indeed necessary, to put a muzzle on these attack dog-style pressure groups if we, as a nation, are truly going to stop being cowardly on these issues?”

4. Suggest a few topics that need to be addressed if, hypothetically, such groups could be restrained first. Examples: “Is it not true, Mr. Attorney General, that anytime statistics are discussed, the first thing raised is that blacks tend to be at the bottom of these stats? Whenever something bad in America is discussed, be it economic standings, health issues like heart disease, or crime rates, there is always an obligatory “Africa-Americans hit hardest” by-line?” From there, “Why is it always presumed that whites need to correct this, as if the constant underperformance of blacks must always be attributed to racial segregation and problems in the South from 50+ years ago?” “Mr. Attorney General, when blacks constantly underperform, why is it never looked at as primarily an internal problem within the black community?” “Also, Mr. Attorney General, in the few select areas where African Americans seemed to be making real strides, like home ownership prior to the subprime crisis, nobody ever touted it? Do you deny, Mr. Attorney General, that the entire modern civil rights leadership structure benefits and profits from both the real AND perceived inferior status of black progress? Would these same groups be harmed, and indeed have their very existence threatened, by real equality being acheived by African Americans? If so, what are the plans to deal with this?”

That oughta get the ball rolling.