If we just copied the left...

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually understand better now how Michelle Obama felt with the whole “for the first time in my life, I’m really proud of my country” moment.

I remember the week after Election Day 2004, and just feeling so incredibly proud of the country, and particularly Ohio, for re-electing President Bush. I knew I could count on the Buckeye State to keep us safe from another terrorist attack, which would most certainly come if John Kerry had won. I will also confess I did think that while there was an outside chance that the media might REALLY crank up the volume on their hostility towards Bush, I also started openly musing about the possibility that perhaps there was an electoral BASE of 270 electoral votes for the GOP, and even if we got edged in the popular vote again, we couldn’t lose the White House. Demographics had shifted so well in our favor…

Wow. Alot can go down in 4 years. So, I suggest that we tear a page out of the Dems’ playbook, and copy their template for driving Obama’s approval ratings into the toilet and inflicting massive damage to the “Democratic” brand.

Well, here goes.The first thing we need to do is find a leading conservative professor to write a book called “What’s the matter with Vermont?” and spend months touring the country verbally agonizing over why seemingly sensable rural/suburban white voters consistently vote for candidates pushing higher taxes on them, simply because they love social liberalism. Imply that these voters are stupid. Very stupid.

We then need to find most rabidly conservative ex-elected official possible and immediately install him or her as RNC Chairperson. I’m thinking Pat Buchanan, but since he flirted with the Reform Party awhile back, we’ll go with Newt Gingrich. Newt will then embark with our OWN “50 state” strategy. This will consist of finding the most far-right candidates we can find to run in the red states, and then to run candidates who look like, act and sound just like centrists to run in blue states, and then have them vote exactly like Mitch McConnell when they arrive in the Senate or John Boehner in the House. If their consistuents get pissed at them back home for misleading them, just have them say “Hey, I’m just distancing myself from Obama.”

Naturally, we’ll have to change RedState from being a thoughtful site for conservative ideas, and change it into a dual purpose site. One part of it will be for hate-filled invective attacking anything President Obama says or does (bonus points for cussing, kiddos!), any Congresscritter of either party who supports him on ANY issue, and advocating the immediate primary challenging of ANY Congressional Republican which shows ANYTHING but blind opposition to any issue President-elect Obama supports, even if he were to sincerely reach out to conservatives and promise to form a “New Tone” of civility in Washington, DC. Oh, and naturally, we need to constantly drive home the point that Barack Obama is the worst President in American History.

We’ll just explain it all away by saying “We need more and better Republicans.”

The 2nd new purpose of RedState will be to become a virtual ATM machine for all Congressional candidates we support. We’ll call it ActRed. Again, this will consist of the most far-right candidates we can find to run in safe Republican districts, as well as far-right candidates (who look and sound like centrists) to run in Democratic districts and states, including states and districts we have no chance in holy hell of winning. Hey, you never know.

From there, we need to pressure the mainstream media into running story after story about “What do Republicans need to do to get back in power?” Have this be a weekly angle. Kill ANY story out there that suggests this was anything other than a fluke defeat. Push ANY story we can find about how Obama’s support is slowly slipping away and breaking apart. Highlight any story about Democratic discontent about Obama’s lack of leadership.

Start chatter about how there’s a new “secular right” movement growing in the Northeast, Northwest, and California. This (imaginary) movement consists of all non-blacks in these regions who voted for Obama having “buyer’s remorse” and are now far more interested in voting Republican than ever before, and can look past the GOP’s social conservatism. See if the mainsteam media will pick up on it.

While that story is going on, start chatter about how Hispanics are utterly shocked by how wild Barack Obama is going with the social liberalism. Mention that Hispanic Catholics, in particular, are dismayed by how President Obama is looking to push abortion rights, including partial-birth abortion rights, down the nation’s throat. Get the Mainstream media to go out and find 1 Hispanic that feels that way and build an entire series of exposes on this.

Alright…that’s a good start. Hey, it worked for the Left. Let’s give it a whirl.