If experience is off the table, fine with me.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been that thrilled with the tagline “Barack Obama is not ready for President.” or “Is he ready to help your family?”

Mostly because it implies that perhaps 4 years from now, when he gets some more Senate experience under his belt, Obama WOULD be ready.

The truth is, as we all know, is that Obama isn’t ready now and most likely never will. Obama is not a radical liberal because he’s inexperienced, he’s a radical liberal because he lacks good judgment. If time was the cure for liberalism, Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden wouldn’t exist.

If experience is off the table, then that’s a GOOD thing. You might think why? It’s because it now crystalizes the race on judgment. And on issues. And on arguments that we need to win. Arugments that President Bush has essentially punted on in the 2nd term, and allowed Democrats to beat him down, while he coasted.

Yeah, it might be a tougher road to climb, but we can’t avoid it any longer. Let’s face it, in 2004, we didn’t score an ideological win. We were able to coast by on accusing Kerry of flip-flopping, rather than actually tearing apart the arguments he made everyday across the country. There is a reason one of the most liberal Senators received 48% of the popular vote. That alone should be alarming.

Sarah Palin makes a better Vice President than Joe Biden, DESPITE experience, because Palin is right on foreign policy, and Biden is wrong. Consistently wrong.

For those of you who fear us getting into these arguments because you think they’re not winnable, just remember that foreign policy judgment still has juice to it. Despite how badly Bush has coasted. Remember they were forced to drop the Mark Foley bomb on us EARLY, because in September 2006, Bush was gaining ground using the Patriot Act and other issues to our advantage. Even with a 40% (at that time) approval rating, those issues had juice.

They still have juice today. Despite the constant Bush beatdown, it still has juice even today. And the Democrats know that. Otherwise, Biden would’ve never been selected. We’ve got juice. Use it.

It’s the only way to get a viable win. And it’s likely to help our House and Senate colleagues, as well. Running the “experience” route was just fancy triangulation that could’ve well resulted in McCain edging Obama electorally, and losing the national popular vote, and watching Dems gain in both houses.