One obvious name I never see mentioned as VP Pick

For the life of me, I don’t understand why we never hear anything about Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) as a possible McCain Vice Presidential nominee.

On paper, he looks excellent. He’s a solid conservative, excellent speaker, popular in his home state, so much so that he came within 401 votes of defeating Harry Reid in 1998. He was right on the Iraq War, the McCain Surge, 100% pro-life, and isn’t afraid to be the “attack bulldog” for McCain that he desparately needs. His selection I think would push Nevada out of the “swing state” category into a “safe state”.

Oh, and as a bonus, he’s a veternarian that’s big into animal rights – I know that we as a party are always want to do outreach to non-traditional Republican voters, well…here’s a guy we can do it with on an issue that really doesn’t compromise any of our conservative principles.

Yeah, I know it’s not compelling to risk losing a Senate seat, but NV does have a Republican Governor who would appoint his successor, should he win. He’s running the NRSC right now, but they can always pick someone else.

I’m just seeing an AWFUL LOT of upside to this guy and not a lot of downside to this pick.

So why isn’t he a viable option?