Remember When We Could Trust the Government?

Back in my younger days, I remember my Uncle Paul (and my Grandpa Carl) grousing that if the gummint continued in its headlong rush to tyranny we would be taxed for breathing. Well, Kerry-Boxer CAP&TAX wants to do just that. But right now, there is another issue before us: Healthcare under Omamba wants to kill women.

Under ReidCare and PelosiCare, with the HHS and Omamba Administration, women are to put themselves at greater risk for death by no longer getting mammograms. Under the same guidelines, we guys are to quit having prostate exams. Now, truth be told, being a guy, I have no clue what a woman goes through for a mammogram. I know what I go through having a cancerous history, what I go through as a guy having my rectum intruded upon for a prostate check, and what happened after…

Notwithstanding, women are being told to quit believing the American Cancer Society, their gynecologist, the government before 2009, and common sense, to save their lives. Before Tuesday, November 17, 2009, every woman was told that annual mammograms were necessary for good healthcare. As recently as February 2009, America’s women were told that not having mammograms was a threat to not only their health, but America’s weal and welfare. Now, under Omamba and HHS Sibelius, taking preventive care is too costly, and may cause anxiety for false-positives. Umm, Tell me if you’d rather have a false-positive than the reality of cancer?

The government is pushing vaccines that can cause paralysis, sterility and swine-flu like symptoms on your 9-12 year old daughters to prevent cervical cancers, yet tell you that PAP smears are unnecessary if you are under a certain age (21) for cervical cancers… and after that, you really don’t need them before 40 (forty). Then why the vaccine?


This is Comparative Effectiveness Research run amok.


What is CER, you ask? This is the theory that three 25-year-olds have the potential of contributing more to the ‘good of society’ than one proven 75-year-old person’s. The 75 year old, under this theory has no further value because he/she is no longer contributing to the ‘good of society, but rather drawing upon it.’ Or, that if the cost of caring for a 43 year old woman with breast cancer doesn’t match her potential earnings (tax contributions), she isn’t worthy of care. So much for Susan G Komen and the pink-ribbon campaign.

Now, there are two problems with the above premise: That three 25 year olds are worth more than one 75 year old. 1) We are talking potential; there isn’t any guarantee one or more of the 25 year olds won’t be killed through crime, disease, or genetic time bomb. 2) The 75 year old contributed already to his/her care through government fiat. It’s a proven fact as to his/her value to society. And if he/she contributes through working, where is the moral justice?


Back in my younger days, I’ve had expensive and necessary surgeries to save my life, or (after military action), reconstruct vital body parts to walk rather than be pushed in a wheelchair. I’ve had reconstructive knee surgeries, heart, PAD/PVD, cancer (bone and prostate) treatments, and an arterial renal thrombosis bi-femoral transplant in my life. So far, persons other than myself have awarded/given me Who’s Who in Business, a Silver Star, journalistic, inspirational and religious awards. I have undergone veteran and civilian PTSD counseling. What have I done wrong/right?


Back to women under onslaught: The current heath care Bills are saying nothing goes forward until passed; LIE!The Reid Bill says it will base its actions under Section 804 of the America’s Recovery Act (Stimulus Act) of 2009, already passed. And under this Act, signed by President Omamba, women are nailed. Because it says so… don’t believe me? Read it for yourselves…

www.reid.senate.gov and download.