Politicizing America?


Just now reported on Rush Limbaugh, per James Taranto of the WSJ, the AP is devoting 52 times the effort to fact check her than are fact-checking the largest legislative increase of Federal power in our country’s history.

Eleven AP staff are devoted to try and trash Sarah Palin. Two staffers are relegated to checking both the House and Senate versions of Health Care reform. There are 2,074 pages of the Reid Senate version of Health Care, 2,026 in PelosiVersionCare. There are 415 pages of Going Rogue, Sarah Palin’s memoir. Four thousand One Hundred One pages versus Four Hundred Fifteen. Nine point nine pages to one.

Each page of Congressional action will cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in effect on our lives (and our children and grandchildren’s) versus zero dollars of Sarah’s memoir on our lives. Where is the justification of time, effort and dollars on AP’s part? More and more, I’m coming to the reluctant conclusion that the AP is no more relevant than Izvestia was under the Soviets.

If Senator Gregg’s (R-NH) extrapolation of CBO figures are to believed, the cost of federalizing (nationalistic socialistic) health care will cost every American $8,064 per year. How are we going to pay for this stuff? Can you come up with an extra eight grand a year, over and above what you are paying now, whether for health care or not? Can you afford an additional $1,761 in taxes on energy on top of this? If Nancy Pelosi has her way, every single purchase we make will have an additional 10% tax for Value Added Taxes. In addition, she says it is every American’s duty to pay 0.75% National Sales tax levied for the United Nations to pay for Third World countries to pay for carbon offsets on the rest of the global stage.

I’m so happy I live in a rich country that can afford to already donate more to victims of tragedy worldwide than any other in history. We have cured or offset more medical tragedies than ever done before, we as private citizens donated more money to the victims of the 12/26/2004 tsunami than our government (or any other) did. We have led more peoples on earth to a democratic form of government (of course they are imperfect, they are run by humans). Nowhere else in the history of mankind has the average citizen had the ability to rise above circumstances of birth, genetics, race, or religious creed to ‘be somebody.’ Yet, per the worldwide apologia tour, we are the nastiest people to have inhabited the earth.

I’m getting really tired of being the universal bad guy on the world stage. Our history of fair play and coming to the defense of the under dog makes it necessary I get placed in this category some time soon, dontcha think? But wait, I’m an honorably medically discharged officer of our country’s armed service, a right wing ‘extremist’ who loves God, guns, my Bible, beer, and monogamous marriage between a man and a woman. I should be put on another Watch List sometime soon.