Mandating Purchases to Maintain Constitutional Rights

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Recently, after the House passage of its version of Healthcare, HR 3962, Speaker Pelosi affirmed that not only was health care a ‘right’, but Congress has the ability and necessity to punish people who choose not to participate in the government, rather than the Creator, granting this right. There is a 2.5% penalty assessed for those who choose not to, or are unable to, purchase the mandated insurance. If that doesn’t work, fines up to $250,000 and five years in a federal penitentiary are potential penalties. All this for not being grateful enough to the government for granting a heretofore unknown right. As well as the uninsured costing the insured too much. Congress and a President foolish enough to sign this into law, will criminalize an entire class of citizenry.


The justification for this egregious grab for federal power is that the cost to society by the uninsured is unfair and too expensive to be sustained by the insured. Okay, fine then, Madam Pelosi and your fellow Progressive Caucus. Since the government thinks it can mandate purchases to maintain rights for the benefit of society as a whole, this cowboy has a proposal for all eligible citizens: you must purchase a firearm by January 1, 2011.


Preferably manufactured by an American manufacturer, for jobs creation, but definitely a minimum .22 caliber. This Second Amendment purchase is mandated to protect the inalienable right to bear arms. This will have a two-fold benefit: it will reduce crime and will reduce the cost of crime to society as a whole, and it will create additional jobs. For those unable to afford one, a Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research will be set up under the direction of a Commissioner who will means-test eligible citizenry for a one-time voucher for the purchase of a rifle, shotgun or handgun.


It is well known that more citizens will fall victim to violent crime during the course of their lives than will face a catastrophic medical emergency. The minority of the population that causes and commits crimes cause the law-abiding citizenry to have to pay exorbitantly of a percentage of their wealth and weal. The cost of medical or funeral care for the victims, court costs and jail or prison housing costs are an enormous financial burden. It is also a well-known fact that in areas where concealed carry, even public carry, are legal and prevalent, the incidence of violent crime decreases dramatically or becomes non-existent.


Jobs will be created as guns are manufactured for every eligible adult who currently does not have one. The increase in energy use, metals mining for the manufacture, design and creation of innovative means of manufacture of the weapon and ammunition, holsters and belts and shooting accessories, will add millions of citizens to the nation’s payrolls. Continuing employment is guaranteed, as Congress mandates all citizens must fire a minimum of 50 rounds a week at a designated range. The increase in land purchase to accommodate range building, instructor training and employment, grounds keeping and range cleaning and maintenance will stimulate the economy to unheard-of levels.


For those with religious or valid conscientious objections, minors, or the previous societal malefactors, or illegal aliens, nonlethal items will be compulsory for self-defense only. Anyone not complying will be subject to being unarmed in the face of a violent intrusion on his/her person, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and property.


Congress will know that it is answerable to its constituency per the Constitution, in a properly servile manner, to govern rather than rule. Most everyone will be happier and have greater resources available to purchase health care insurance, a new vehicle or transit pass, or whatever a free citizen chooses to spend disposable income on, and less anxiety knowing property and person is safer.