Jump to Judgment?

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More and more news persons, pundits, and posters on forums and callers to talk radio are asking how Hasan could have gotten the firearms he used to alter or destroy the lives of dozens of fellow Americans. Senator Schumer of New York, and Mayor Daley of Chicago insist it is because of America’s love affair with and access to guns that are the problem.


Guns and access to guns in this instance were not the problem, any more than the manufacturer or hardware store that sold the chainsaw was responsible for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre of years ago. The argument the weapon used is the problem is like saying the pen used to write a libelous article is the fault, not the author.


Major Malik Nidal Hasan, MD, Psychiatrist, self-admitted SoA, SWT is the problem, and had he had grenades or LAWS rockets, the carnage could very well have been more prevalent and lethal. Before he dressed for work in his military uniform of the day, loaded his weapons and subsidiary clips and drove to Fort Hood on November 5, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and opened fire, this terrorist was a model American citizen according to most lights.


He is a board certified medical practitioner of psychiatry, and an American citizen with no criminal history whatever in his 39 years plus life (that we know of). As such, he was fully eligible to purchase and own a firearm, or an arsenal. Further, he is a commissioned officer of the United States Army, endowed by Congress to special privileges not available to the average citizen or enlisted service person. As such, there is an extra penalty exacted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for an officer betraying the commissioned oath, and committing crimes, than those under enlisted command or an equivalent civilian in a civilian criminal court. Until a Medical Review and a military court martial, Major Hasan is still an officer and a doctor.


Major Hasan violated his Military Oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies. He also violated his medical Hippocratic Oath. Not enough time, attention, and comment has been addressed to these betrayals by the self-proclaimed jihadist. He did violate what we with a Judeo-Christian background would consider ethical religious behavior. He did not, however, violate the tenets of fundamentalist Islamic faith when he acted. Per Imam Awlaki he had been violating his religious conscience by not having acted before he did.


Hindsight is always 20/20, and the spinmeisters are working overtime to blame everyone but the terrorist for his actions. It is not the fault of the Second Amendment, the ‘military personality and culture,’ or the medical community that a military officer and doctor committed an act of terrorism. What is at fault is a willful blindness to the evolution of a person from citizen, soldier, and doctor into a religious fanatic willing to commit terrorism.


Could the FBI talking to the DOD and Army CID or the Department of Homeland Security have prevented this heinous act of treason and terrorism? Woulda, coulda, shoulda doesn’t work here. The fact remains the act was committed and dozens were wounded and killed by a previously law-abiding, highly educated citizen, soldier, and doctor. Trying to take preventive detention to stop a law abiding man from committing a crime, based upon tenuous signals is un-American, despite what the President outlined in his speech in July, and people have been bleating since his terrorist jihad attack. A word to the wise or confronting the doctor and Major about his statements may have prevented this, had it not been politically incorrect to do so. Or, it could have moved up his timetable. Time will tell.

What doesn’t help matters is WalMart selling, and Americans buying, Men at War 2 in record numbers, where the premise of the game is to be a terrorist killing soldiers and civilians in a jihadi attack. Why aren’t we tracking all these purchasers?