Executive Buddy-Buddy?

On the heels of Presidents Bush’ warm welcome to Pres Omamba; time to refresh the old grey cells as to why the last 4 Presidents seem so buddy-buddy, Party Label politics aside:

Start here with a ten-minute video introduction:

Then verify for ourselves at: http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/res_agenda21_35.shtml

And we see the plan attended and started by George HW Bush 41, made an Executive Order by WJ Clinton 42, furthered by Dubya 43, and crash-plan implementation (so far) by BHO 44 , and the 545 Congress and Supreme Courts-persons.

We don’t need Black Helicopters or Area 51.

Makes sense of the seeming incomprehensibility of Congress last 19 years, regardless of who’s in power. Be afraid, be very afraid….

We need more outcry! Makes sense of Death Panels (oops, The CENTER for Comparative Effectiveness Research), Sanger-Eugenics mandated abortions, seizing Control of Internet, multi-national corporations, CAP&TAX, famines, AIDS, ‘government manufactured food scares. recalls – beef, tomatoes, lettuce – that bankrupt thousands, health scares with media (including FOX) heightening panic, racial divisiveness, religious wars, terrorist attacks making one seem helpless without government intervention giving up liberty for ‘security’ (Patriot Act); formation with arrogance of Civilian National Security Force as powerful as our military, UN Forces holding maneuvers on US Soil… ‘Cash for Clunkers’, Spiraling Debt and Unemployment being a ‘Global’. The manufactured Enviro-Wackos getting away internationally with enviro-terror. Intentional ‘dumbing down’ and revisionist history and science in Textbooks (and Texas leading the charge). Changing the meaning of words themselves. On and on and on and on…. Entertainment that is geared to the vilest of human behavior, destroying the true God, and making a pseudoreligion of environmentalism…

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