Is there a hidden agenda?

Over the weekend, President Obama has urged prudence and delay for any Congressional hearings, until full investigation of the Fort Hood massacre has been completed. This begs the question: Fully investigated by whom and for what purpose?

Coincidentally, while the Commander-in-Chief continues his world apologia tour, his civilian Attorney General announces the five terrorists identified as part of the 9/11 attacks arew to be transferred from Gitmo to NYC to stand civilian trial for acts of war.

Not widely reported is the fact these five terrorists pled guilty December 8, 2008 and requested martyrdom in the military court system. Their guilty pleas were held in abeyance by the military prtesiding judge, pending a psychiatric evaluation as to the competency of the guilty pleas. The psychiatrists at Walter Reed hospital were charged with this evaluation.

Then-Captain Hasan was a medical psychiatrist at that time, and into the Obama Administration after inauguration. The military guilty pleas have been set aside, Hasan was promoted to Major and transferred to Fort Hood. The five martyrs had their military pleas set aside, and a determination has been made unilaterally (if we are to believe the White House) to try these war criminals as civilian malefactors, rather than terrorists who launched holy jihadist war on the United States. And, we are to believe there will be a guaranteed guilty conviction on each of the five terrorists after civilian justice has been administered.

In the meantime, quite possibly one of the very people who medically adjudged these five terrorists, has himself committed a military jihad terrorist act, killing 14 fellow Americans (I count the unborn citizen as allowed in prosecution of certain crimes – which this one qualifies for). Nidal Malik Hasan not only violated his Military Officer’s Oath, but also his medical Hippocratic Oath in favor of religious zealotry.

The possible fact Hasan may have psychiatrically judged five potential Muslim martyrs should be investigated, and tyhe timeline of not only setting aside the military court’s jurisdiction, but any part our current military terrorist may have played in this latest travesty of the Obama Administration.