The end must be near.

It is another cold morning here on the farm, so as I reflect by the fire I contemplate the future of our great State of Texas and peripherally of our nation. I was renewed to see a wave of interested and informed people who have stood up to the usurpation of our rights, by the statists in Washington, and voted a majority to what should be the conservative party. Here in Texas, our Texas, we also elected a supermajority in the State House which gave me hope, if not for our nation, at least for our state, until this week. Our fellow citizens, at least a large portion of them, have awakened from their detachment, to inform our rulers that we will come and go at our leisure and seek to derive from the government only the protection to do so. Yet, as I write this note, this conservative body of the Texas Legislature has reelected a Democrat turned Republican to the post of Speaker of the House, a man whose Wife is associated with Planned Parenthood, who appointed just as many Democrats to head committee chairs as Republicans, who blocked many bills aimed at moving our great State to the right, and just happens to be the subject of a criminal probe into illegal political contributions. My Representative Tim Kleinschmidt, and a majority of these alleged conservatives, voted in favor of Speaker Straus even though I and many of his other supporters informed him of our opposition. His statement “that he was honoring his word”, in effect forces him to dishonor his word to those of us who supported him. Of course he did not appreciate that point, or when I asked if the $435,000 he received from Speaker Straus was money well spent. So Texas the last bastion of real conservatism has moved directly to the center again, with little chance of real legislation on immigration, taxation, or protection from the oppression from Washington. There are currently more Hispanics (many from illegal parents) in the Texas School System than any other group, many local Hospitals have closed due to the burden of illegal’s using the emergency rooms as primary care facilities, and in the largest taxpayer supported hospitals in the state, over 70% of all births are to illegal immigrants, accounting for over 11,000 anchor babies every year, at parkland hospital, the Dallas hospital where President Kennedy was taken, alone. Many of these reelected establishment Republicans are now floating a tax increase idea, even while on the door to almost any store here you can find the sticker advertising Texas’s version of the welfare card, written in Spanish. Our budget shortfall could be anywhere from $10, to $30 billion dollars this year.

So while Texas sinks into the mire the federal law of the land is still that I must purchase a product, for my own good, negotiated and deemed acceptable by a government functionary with an I.Q. of maybe 100, to encompass my every need, whether I need or not. If I were to refuse, I would suffer the “police power” of the government by their authority to issue a warrant, regardless of the severity of the crime, by which allowing the government to restrain me by any means necessary, to facilitate my subordination. Is it such a stretch to say that we might all be driving government motors vehicles to save a nationalized company and their invasive labor union, under threat of incarceration? Is it unwarranted for me to worry when Al the Goracle states that “climate change is the vehicle to global governance” just because I cannot purchase a old fashioned light bulb, in favor of a mercury bulb? I don’t know which is more worrisome to me, that George Soros, the self proclaimed god, who may or may not be the devil incarnate, wishes for American Citizens to acquiesceour constitutional freedoms for the sake of a new World Government, OR that he has full access to the White House. Should I worry about the conclusions from the congressional report on Electromagnetic Pulse, that the Forstchen/Gingrich book “one second after” illustrates, which are similar to the effects of an x class solar flare striking earth as in the 1859 Carrington event, has done nothing to spur the government to prepare, when it is estimated that a very large majority of Americans will perish from dehydration, starvation, riots, and or looters. Should I worry about mystery missiles from nowhere, or falling birds? Should I be concerned about $5/gallon gas prices again, which as I recall was the catalyst for our current crisis? Should we fear the possibility of an inflationary depression what with all of the money printing, rising commodity prices, and prevalent underemployment? Is the $14+trillion debt a national security risk? Should we fear the future filled with nuclear power terrorist states like Iran and Syria? How about the one way Iranian air flight from Tehran to Mexico, every Monday, combined with our lack of border control?

Our government has a record of treating problems by creating more problems. I call it the broken finger fix. Imagine you sprain your ankle, and it hurts to walk. Well under Obamacare a bureaucrat from Washington shows up steals your property and breaks your finger. So while your ankle pain is no longer your main concern, he walks away stating “it works every time”. As an example the income tax was to be temporary and never to exceed 4%. The Department of Education formed under President Jimmy Carter has presided over an increase in dropouts and a stagnant record on test scores for the life of this agency, while the budget has increased from $14,000,000 in 1980 to $68,574,592. The Department of Energy created to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, it now employees 16,000 federal union employees with pensions, with an average federal salary $25,000 over the national average, approximately 100,000 contract employees, and an annual budget of $24,000,000,000. yes that is Billions. The Postal Service is $8,000,000,000 over budget this past year, and $2,000,000,000 from 2009 makes an even $10 billion. Do I need to mention all of the Katrina/ Rita f.e.m.a. trailers for sale along every road in Texas?

Fellow citizens we stand at a precipice with the wind at our back, while the federal and state governments are presented with real problems, with serious consequences for our nation, and the lack of fortitude to honestly and factually deal with them. We now live in a land governed by the weak, and selfish, populated by the ignorant and apathetic, and surrounded by the evil and the jealous. Our only hope in the natural realm is in upright, strong, and honest people, unfortunately there are apparently very few of them.